How to Run QuickBooks Payroll Summary for One Employee

QuickBooks Payroll Summary for One Employee

How to Run QuickBooks Payroll Summary for One Employee

Understanding how to implement and manage QuickBooks payroll summary for one employee is necessary if you want to maintain the entire company and employee data, including the expenses for payroll. We shall talk about the importance of this in our blog below.

Once you have learned how to make a Payroll Summary, it will be a whole lot easier to find and look at various information that is related to Payroll, like net pay, tax withheld, gross pay and so on.

You will also be able to adjust the size of the report to view data from a specific day or time, according to your need. Although you can get a general report that shows details of every employee, with QuickBooks payroll summary for one employee your search gets reduced in case you only want to print the details of a specific person.

Given below are all of the steps and related information that might be required to create the report for one employee. If there is a doubt in any part, please don’t hesitate to reach our expert ProAdvisors.

What is the Need of QuickBooks Payroll Summary for One Employee?

This is done when you need to concentrate on the details of one employee at a time. It may be required during the management of their incomes or for determining the number of employees who are working in your organization at present.

This method is also useful in case you have to calculate the remaining paid-time that an employee may have. In short, this summary report is a helpful tool to analyze the payroll and the employer’s expenses in the form of salary to the employees.

You can generate the QuickBooks payroll summary for one employee for either a particular date or even a time range that you have to mention as per your requirement. This makes it a great function if you want to confirm the pay for a quarter, a month, a year and so on.

Now that you know when to use this feature, let us move further toward the details that you can see in such a report, as well as the steps to do so.

What Does a QuickBooks Payroll Summary for One Employee Consist of?

The following are some of the information and details specific to the employee that you can get in such a report-

  • Total pay of the employee
  • Details regarding various deductions like taxes and unpaid leaves
  • Number of days for vacation
  • Number of days for sick leave
  • Pay adjustments and the gross amount

Steps to Create QuickBooks Payroll Summary for One Employee

Read the steps given below carefully and follow them in the same order to create your own summary report-

Step 1– Click “Employee Center” located on the menu bar.

Step 2– Select the particular employee from the options under this section.

Step 3– Open “Payroll Summary” if you want all of the details.

Step 4– Choose the date range by either clicking on the calendar or entering the specific dates by yourself.

Step 5– You can Customize Reports if you want to make adjustments and remove the unrequired details from the report. Just tick all the check boxes of the information that you actually need, such as the paid time off or a quick report.

Step 6– Once you’re done customizing, click on Print to get your report printed.

Additionally, you can get this information exported to an Excel Spreadsheet, if you prefer. Just follow the steps mentioned below for ease-

Easy Method to Export a Payroll Summary to Excel

Step 1– Select the arrow button for Excel at the bottom of the report.

Step 2– Choose whether you want to create a new worksheet or update an existing one.

Step 3– Continue with “Browse..” if you want to specify the workbook to update a pre-created worksheet.

Step 4– For further adjustments, click “Advanced”.

Step 5– After you’ve made the changes, select “OK” and then “Export”.

You can try these steps and open a payroll summary report sample a few times with different settings. Once you’re satisfied with your report and the process, you can save your report by typing any name you wish and clicking on “Save”.

If you’re having trouble with any of the steps or some other complication, simply contact our ProAdvisors for expert guidance and easy resolution of any problem regarding QuickBooks.


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