How to Use QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool

How to Use QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool could be a QB software for troubleshooting errors in the company when using a multi-user mode. This diagnostic tool can brush away the problems of network connectivity and multi-user errors that can when you access a company file.


  • The QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool only works with windows 7, windows vista or Windows XP.
  • For this, the QuickBooks 2008 and newer or QB enterprise solution 8.0 must be updated.
  • You just have to download and run the tool and it will automatically resolve all the error messages
  • The most demanded version of the software is 4.0. This software is free to download.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

It Can Help You Solve

  • It can help you if you are not able to connect QuickBooks to the database.
  • You are unaware of the firewall ports.
  • Connection issues
  • Database issues

How to Use the QB Connection Diagnostics Tool

Now after an introduction with the features and specialties of QB Connection Diagnostic Tools we need to know how it works.

Here is the step by step procedure to use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostics Tool.

Basic: download and run the app and then follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Diagnose Connection Tab – The diagnose tablet you check your computer. It ensures that the company database is accessible from a computer. Either it is a single-user or multi-user. So, the reason is if permissions are blocked errors can result.
  2.  Firewall Status – As you are unaware of the firewall ports and firewall status this area displays instruction about the firewall.
  3. Test connectivity – The most effective reason for your errors could be a connection issue. Basically, this is a connection test.

Workplace’s Network connection is the main problem behind these errors you face in QuickBooks desktop. Here are some steps to overcome connectivity – based issues.

QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool

  1. Click the button next to your company’s name to locate your company’s file.
  1. After running the test, there will be two criteria (a) Green ‘no problem detected’, (b) Red ‘problem detected’.
  1. Click the test connectivity button.
  1. After clicking the button it will pop up in the red indicated messages. Further, they’ll show you all the areas they worked on. Click on what do these mean.
  1. When you’re done with the recent status, run the tool again to double check any pending problem.
  1. Now, when the file’s status is done. Run the tool again to check if there are any other problems.

Once you are done with these, try these further steps if your problem doesn’t get solved.

  1. Try to fix the problem with Microsoft components manually.
  2. Try to install QB in selective startup.

QuickBooks Network Diagnostics Tool is really an up to mark troubleshooter for all the issues in QB data connectivity related problems.

Conclusion – Hence, we concluded that this tool is really helpful in troubleshooting and what are the steps for it. What are benefits of this troubleshooter and how to follow various steps to brush away the errors? QuickBooks Network Diagnostics Tool is a helping hand and a grass cutter for irritating error texts.

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