Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 15215 with Simple Solutions

QuickBooks Error 15215

Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 15215 with Simple Solutions

QuickBooks has been in use for around two decades by countless business professionals throughout the world. That is why any problems arising in the accounting software, such as QuickBooks error 15215, are often faced by thousands of people at a time and solving it is of prime importance.

Also known as QuickBooks update error 15215, it is advisable to fix this particular issue as soon as possible, because a lot of the users depend on these updates to fill their tax forms correctly, especially around the new year when the tax-related updates are usually released.

In order to remove this issue and complete the installation successfully, we have provided you with some effective solutions here in this blog. We have posted other blogs as well for various QB-related problems such as QuickBooks Error 15222.

Why Exactly Does QuickBooks Error 15215 Occur?

There are three main reasons why something like this can happen to your software-

  1. The error 15215 indicates that something has gone wrong while installing the maintenance updates as the installer was unable to verify the digital signature of the update file. This issue can completely stop all your work as a QB user.
  2. A clash with a background-running program or process during the updates can also result in this fault showing up in your system. Not every background-running application causes this though- only the ones that take up more bandwidth of your internet connection, thereby disallowing other processes from using data including your QB updates.
  3. Another cause of disruption can be your system’s Firewall settings preventing your updates from being downloaded or installed properly. Each of these causes has its own solutions with easy steps given below.

Solutions for QuickBooks error 15215

These are the best ways to fix your problem and safely get those updates installed-

Solution 1- Restart Your Computer

Once you Reboot your computer, all the applications that were running in the background and using up most of the bandwidth will reset or close altogether until you start them again. With your internet connection free from traffic, you can try to download those updates again.

If they download successfully, then you know that lack of bandwidth availability was the cause. However, if you still get QuickBooks error 15215 after a while then you need to check more thoroughly which programs are currently running and blocking up your network. To do so, simply follow the below-mentioned steps-

Solution 2- Switch User to an Administrator Account

When you run certain programs as an administrator in Windows, these get more priority over the rest of the non-administrator-run processes and applications. Your QB software will, therefore, get more resources to use in order to complete the necessary tasks.

Step 1- Close your QB program completely if it is running.

Step 2- Right-click the QB icon that is present on your desktop and then click Run as Administrator.

Step 3- Click Yes to the message prompt that asks whether you would like your QB software to make changes.

Solution 3- Determine Which of the Security Certificates are Checked or Unchecked in IE

You can verify the above by going to the Internet Options section of your Internet Explorer. Follow these steps to check certificates-

Step 1- Terminate the QB application properly.

Step 2- Start Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options in the Tools section of the menu.

Step 3- Select the Advanced tab and scroll down to locate the Security section under the Settings sub-window.

Step 4- In this section, you will find all of the security certificates that also include TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.

Step 5- Make sure that TLS 1.0 is checked, whereas TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are both left unchecked. Once verified, select OK so that the window closes.

Step 6- Close IE and restart your computer, after which you can open your QB application and try downloading the update once more.

Solution 3- Reboot Your OS Selective Mode

There is a chance that QuickBooks error 15215 will persist even after you have tried the two solutions above. In that case, you shall have to determine which programs are coming in conflict with your QB application and preventing your updates from downloading.

Step 1- Close QB and open Run- just type Run in the Search section of your Start menu or press the Windows and R keys together to open it.

Step 2- Type “msconfig” and click OK in the Run window.

Step 3- Go to the Selective Startup section under the General tab and uncheck the option for Load Startup Items.

Step 4- Select OK and save these changes before restarting your computer.

If none of these solutions is working for you, let us know. We can fix QuickBooks error 15215 as ProAdvisors and prevent it from occurring again.

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