Features of QuickBooks Full-Service Payroll for Accountants

QuickBooks full-service payroll for accountants

Features of QuickBooks Full-Service Payroll for Accountants

QuickBooks full-service payroll for accountants makes management of payroll taxes easier for users. It processes payroll, files and pays taxes with utmost accuracy. Other than that, it also reviews every paycheck in order to offer an error-free experience to the users

In this blog, we will discuss the features of full-service payroll for accountants and understand how it is a beneficial tool. You may also connect with one of our professionals in order to learn its basic features.

Benefits of QuickBooks Full-Service Payroll for Accountants

As mentioned earlier, Intuit full-service payroll comes with various payroll related advantages. It goes by its name and offers complete services and solutions to the accountants/small business owners. Some of its major benefits include: –

Efficiently Manages your Payroll

  • QuickBooks sends a welcome email and a set of instructions that help you with the entire payroll process.
  • The team also makes it point to confirm the Social Security number and identification number with the state and federal agencies.
  • QuickBooks Full-Service Payroll for Accountants gives an already set up direct deposit for your company and employees.
  • Users can process payroll any time, weekly, monthly, biweekly or even semi-monthly.

Provides Simple Processing

  • QuickBooks full-service payroll for accountants sends payday notifications and reminders.
  • The tool support all kinds of payment layers such as; ¬†wages, salaries, multiple pay rates, commissions, reimbursements and more
  • Offers easy printing of checks and quick direct deposit to any financial establishment.
  • Proper integration with online banking to get quick access to bank account balances and funds transfers.
  • The tool notifies immediately if a user by any chance enters different information from that last pay period.
  • A user can make comparisons and compare previous payrolls to current payrolls at any time.
  • A quick view of the total/overall pay for the hourly employees right after entering the number of hours.
  • Intuit full-service payroll for accountants also offers easy access, view, and printing of pay stubs online.
  • Multi-state payroll processing is also possible with QuickBooks full-service payroll for accountants.

Ready-to-use Tax Filings and Payments

  • QuickBooks notifies the user with tax payment due dates. It also deducts tax payments on its own whenever it is due. Therefore, the automatic tax payment feature is extremely beneficial.
  • Tax funds are not processed when they are due. The tool holds funds longers and understands the difference between what is due and what is not.
  • Instant calculations of local, state and federal withholdings.
  • Error-free and problem-free payroll taxes and paychecks.
  • Distribution of W2 forms towards the end of the year
  • QuickBooks full-service payroll for accountants handles and manages payments along with 1099-MISC filings.

Correct and Elaborated Reporting

  • The users get unlimited access to different reporting levels such as; payroll summary, employee information, tax payments, overall costs and more.
  • The reports include correct calculations for different state withholdings along with different work site calculations.

Therefore, Intuit full-service payroll for accountants is a highly effective tool. It offers great benefits and takes care of tax payments and calculations. For any further query associated with QuickBooks full-serve payroll for accountants, feel free to get in touch with us.

At QB Pro Solution, we offer the best services and tackle all client queries with ease. With our services, we aim to give an error-free and smooth accounting experience to all our clients.

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