Simple Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102

QuickBooks Error 15102

Simple Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102

QuickBooks makes managing of payroll, transactions and other accounting tasks easier. But have you ever come across an issue while using it? Despite being a regular user, several individuals end up facing problems. QuickBooks error 15102 is one such issue.

It arises when an individual attempts to update payroll or download a recent desktop upgrade. Also, it slows down the overall workflow of the user and wastes the productive time of an individual.

In this blog, we will explain the ways to remove QuickBooks error code 15102 and also provide the reasons why it occurs. As a user, you can simply follow the steps mentioned by our experts. We also provide answers for related problems like – QuickBooks Error 15106.

Major Causes of QuickBooks Error 15102

  • You will know you are facing QuickBooks payroll update error 15102, whenever a message that says – “Unsuccessful reset update” comes up. The reasons for this problem are: –
  • The download location specified by the user is inaccessible or maybe not valid. This generally happens when the user turns on Shared Download.
  • The user has switched on the multi-user mode that is making QuickBooks run in the terminal environment.
  • Many times the problem happens when the user does not log in as windows administrator. Another reason for QuickBooks error code 15102 is running the app as Admin but using Windows Vista instead.

Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15102

Our professionals at QB Pro Solution suggest users don’t miss any step in between. Move to the next resolution technique only when you have used the previous one.

Method 1:

Change the mode of your software from multi-user mode to single-user mode.

  • Changing the user mode from multiple to single.
  • This would spontaneously take out the QuickBooks updates error 15102 from your tool. If it doesn’t, just use the other methods.

Method 2:

The user must verify the location of the mapped file

  • On the keyboard, use number 1 and CTRL key together. This will open the product information page. By this you can locate the mapped file, once you find it, just note it.
  • You will spot the Help button, use it and then snap the update button.
  • After that, click on the Options button and give a quick look at whether the Download Location is correct or not.
  • If the user has set Shared Location to Yes, then it must be ensured that the Download Location is the same as the one you noted down from the product information window.
  • If the user has set Shared Location to No, the QuickBooks Desktop installation directory should be same as the directory in Download Location.
  • Immediately modify the location if it wrongly inserted.
    • If you have chosen Yes for Shared Download, change it to No.
    • If you have elected No for Shared Download, modify it to No
    • Lastly, just click on the Save button.
  • After this, install the recent tax table again.

Method 3:

Re-Locate the download drive to a new alphabet.

  • First of all, shut down or exit from your QuickBooks Desktop file.
  • Relocate the network drive of your software to a new alphabet and letter.
  • After doing so, open company file using the new letter.
  • From the Help button, select the Update option.
  • Now, from the Options button, just turn off Shared Download and switch it on again.
  • Open the file again and check if the download location is using the new letter or not.
  • Then Click Save followed by Close
  • The last step is to try and install the tax table one more time.

Method 4:

Run QuickBooks as an admin

  • From your desktop, right-click on the QuickBooks icon and then select the Run as Admin button.
  • As soon as you are promoted with a UAC (User Account Control) dialogue box, click on the Continue option.
  • Use the Reset update option.

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We hope that at least one of the above-mentioned methods helped you to fix QuickBooks payroll error 15102. For some reason, if any of the points are unclear or difficult to understand, you can get in touch with our professional. Our team is always available on our website through live-chat. Customers can also connect with us by using the helpdesk number – +1-800-469-4817.


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