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Setup Multi-User Mode in QuickBooks Pro

How to Setup Multiple User Mode in QuickBooks Pro

Many users have a keen interest in knowing how many users can use QuickBooks Pro and the answer to this is that QB pro is a multi-user software. So what do we mean when it comes to the phrase QuickBooks Pro Multi-User.

Let’s discuss in detail,

You have a small enterprise with 3 people those have the utmost interest in the balance sheet of the company. All 3 of them can access the QuickBooks Pro. But all three need a separate license. Same as if your firm comprises of two such users, one can opt the first license and second can go on with second license to operate QB Pro Multiple User at the same time.

Maximum No. of Simultaneous Users Who Could Operate QB at the Same time

The maximum number of simultaneous users (the one who can operate at the same time) in QuickBooks pro is 3 users and in Premier addition it is 5 users. The multi-user mode in QuickBooks Pro and Premiere enables company users to collaborate all together.

Benefits of Multi-Using Facility

  • Increased flexibility – This feature enables flexibility in working areas. If an essential user can access QuickBooks together, it improves mobility in an environment of accounting terms.
  • Increased efficiency – Access to multi-user mode, increases productivity and efficiency of the firm. Working and looking at the accounting criteria is the goodwill of the enterprise.
  • Working together brings up collabs and all users having access to the day -to- day activities makes it productive and familiar for the firm’s betterment.

Why Different Licenses to Operate

In the license agreement, we make it clear to have separate license to operate software by every Individual. However, if you have both pc and laptop and you are the only individual operator, you don’t need an additional license.

When Do We Need a Separate License

For example, the owner of the firm needs QB solely for payrolls, running reports and some activities and accountant of the same company requires it for entry check. Surely they need two licenses.

Single user license or Multi-user

If you need two licenses, you must go for two single-user licenses. Even if you install QuickBooks in a single computer which you both use, then also for different jobs you need two licenses.

When you need more than 2 licenses, go for a multi-user license instead of separate single users. QuickBooks Pro offers 3 user license, QuickBooks premier allows 5 users and QuickBooks Enterprise offers 5-30 users in 5-user increment.


The above blog includes every pro of multi-using in QuickBooks. Why is multi-using essential when more than 2 want to operate. How and why to license, every detail is mentioned specifically. Things we should know before switching to multi-user mode and how multi-using helps out in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the firm. It is a boon to QuickBooks users. Multi-user starts from 3 to 50 in the premier.


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