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QuickBooks Pro for Small Business

How to Make the Most of QuickBooks Pro for Small Business

Accounting software like QuickBooks Pro for Small Business had been designed while considering the accounting-based needs that small or medium-sized business have. Such applications have made it simpler to maintain accounting tasks and complete them very efficiently. More importantly, you don’t have to be a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to run software like this.

This has gotten so popular over the years, that QuickBooks now provides its own certification to accounting professionals who wish to understand the features of this software and would also like to use their expertise to assist the hundreds of thousands of users that this brand of software has gained.

Who are ProAdvisors?

In other words, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is an accounting specialist who has been certified and can handle the intricacies of the program. They know all of the features and functions of the particular software that they cleared the certification for. These experts can work with your small business and help you make the most of your own QuickBooks Pro for Small Business.

The special thing about being a ProAdvisor is that they have access to more resources than the average QB user. These privileges are given to them in order to set up new software or find out the problem and solve it more effectively. As ProAdvisors, we are capable of logging into your application and troubleshoot your QB issues through a separate service because we have been verified and authorized to do so.

A ProAdvisor can be the most helpful in the following fields-

  • Software and Consulting
  • Medical and Insurance
  • Architecture, Construction, and Real Estate
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Automotives and General Manufacturing
  • Retail and Financial services
  • Restaurants, Salons, and Beauty Parlors

Why You can Trust ProAdvisors

As an accounting expert who is also familiar with the software that you are using, a ProAdvisor is someone you can consult within various areas related to the two. They are especially helpful for users who do not have a degree in financial accounting and so need help more often than most.

We know that tax reports can be created more accurately and rapidly through QuickBooks Pro for Small Business. When business owners have a faster way of getting their taxes filed, it greatly reduces their worries, especially around deadlines. ProAdvisors like us can provide assistance for every version of this software including QuickBooks Online for small business.

However, not every user is an expert in this field and as a result, can get quite confused with the bookkeeping processes at times. If you don’t have much accounting knowledge or experience either, then these certified bookkeepers can enable you to understand these tasks and complete them in a better way. ProAdvisors like us can help small businesses like yours train your staff to use this software as well.

We can help you choose a suitable QB version for your business requirements that not only saves you a considerable amount of time but also monitor your company’s financials like income, expenses and so on.

How QuickBooks Pro for Small Business can Help You

Here are some of the most important functions covered in QuickBooks Pro that you should definitely be taking advantage of-

  • Recurring Invoices- Setting up repetitive invoices to occur every day is easy here. Now, you won’t have to do the same tasks every single day, which can really help you conserve time. You may also automate notifications per customer as well as compute late fees in case the customer has some money due.
  • Online Invoices- It is simpler to send invoices online as there is no need for any attachments. In fact, you can even track them on the go and have added functionality for immediate payment or printing. These features, especially the part where the user can choose to pay from the invoice itself, make QB very user-friendly. 
  • Managing Multiple Accounts- You and other users can complete a host of tasks through QuickBooks Pro for Small Business. These include the following- 
  • Conducting online transactions
  • Accessing payment history and invoices
  • Updating bank-related information
  • Keeping track of bills and related notifications
  • Answering clients’ queries regarding invoices and payments
  • Easy and Flexible Payment Modes- These facilitate faster and more timely payment from your customers because you can now accept payments through credit card, debit card, direct transfer through online banking and so on. 
  • Time-Saving and Error-Reducing Functions- Once you schedule and automate recurring payments, you increase productivity and efficiency for your organization. At the same time, you reduce the number of errors that could occur from you repeatedly entering the same data manually.

We are a whole team of excellent, experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We know this wonderful software and all of its functions very well and are happy to assist you whenever you need assistance.

Our experts are always available and up-to-date when it comes to having a thorough knowledge of all the old and new features and versions of QuickBooks Pro for Small Business. Whether you have just bought this software and are trying to install it or have been using it for many years, we understand the issues that you can face as well as the tips for solving them.

QuickBooks Pro

Why Choose QuickBooks Pro as your Primary Software

With the growing usage of internet and software programs, the need for manual work has reduced drastically. People depend on software and devices for pretty much everything from managing accounts to taking care of their health. In this blog, we will discuss an extraordinary accounting tool known as QuickBooks Pro.

The Pro version of QuickBooks Desktop is an ideal choice for small businesses. It offers a wide range of advantages that you may not be knowing. For example; any business owner can easily schedule his business connectivity with several of the commercial belongings with a few clicks itself. So, if you have this program installed in your system, you’ll never face the stress towards work and will be able to deal with engaging factors with utmost ease.

With this blog, we will make things clear and explain several benefits of this accounting program.

Essential Benefits and Uses of QuickBooks Pro 2018

When you talk about updates then QB Desktop Pro is an accounting tool that will always keep you updated. It fulfills all the payroll requirements of individuals as well as businesses. In fact, making a decision to buy Desktop Pro is a valuable investment. Moreover, it helps you to identify numerous issues attached to the software.

Some of the advantages of this bookkeeping software are as follows: –

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is Customer-Oriented

When you are occupied with your business development, you should always find out time to engage with your customers and understand their requirements. Dealing with clients is an extremely precarious approach to be pursued. Therefore, when you have a guide like QuickBooks Pro, you will be able to get through client handling in a smooth and convenient manner.

The software will help you a lot in concentrating on your clients. Amid social gatherings, you can keep a note on your software and in this way you can examine it later with your customers. In case you wish to have contact info, at that point the QuickBooks is the main way to deal with things advantageously.

In the Desktop Pro edition, the screenshots of the client information may assist you in dealing with them face to face. With the assistance of this information, you can interface with them effectively. If you have QB, you will never have to delay your discussion, which intrudes on your method for communicating with your customers.

QuickBooks Pro 2018 Saves a lot of Time

The software is an extraordinary time and cash saver also. When you are able to access important data and information without having to research, clearly your time is spared. Additionally, when you buy the remarkable QuickBooks Pro software from a reliable site, you can easily save a lot of money. Saving time and cash is to some degree a critical factor to the small business, small private ventures or a new business.

QuickBooks Pro enables Strong Control

All things considered, with QB Desktop Pro, you can either choose or create a schedule on your own. Unlike other accounting programs, it does not create schedules for you; you can create on your own. You can likewise reschedule it at whatever point required. Furthermore, you can access it utilizing any kind of device irrespective of the time.


QuickBooks Pro software has numerous favorable uses. It is uniquely intended for the people who handle small scale businesses. As a team of accounting experts, we understand that spending heaps of cash on accounting software is very difficult for a small business. Thus, we help you make an appropriate decision which saves your time and increases your knowledge.

We are concluding this blog with a suggestion that if you invest in a program like QuickBooks Pro 2018 you will only attain benefits. It will help you in expanding your business reputation among your competitors and your clients.

You are constantly free to visit at any point in the near future in the event that you have any inquiries. In case you wish to have a detailed conversation on this subject, you can converse with our team through our global toll-free number.


Setup Multi-User Mode in QuickBooks Pro

How to Setup Multiple User Mode in QuickBooks Pro

Many users have a keen interest in knowing how many users can use QuickBooks Pro and the answer to this is that QB pro is a multi-user software. So what do we mean when it comes to the phrase QuickBooks Pro Multi-User.

Let’s discuss in detail,

You have a small enterprise with 3 people those have the utmost interest in the balance sheet of the company. All 3 of them can access the QuickBooks Pro. But all three need a separate license. Same as if your firm comprises of two such users, one can opt the first license and second can go on with second license to operate QB Pro Multiple User at the same time.

Maximum No. of Simultaneous Users Who Could Operate QB at the Same time

The maximum number of simultaneous users (the one who can operate at the same time) in QuickBooks pro is 3 users and in Premier addition it is 5 users. The multi-user mode in QuickBooks Pro and Premiere enables company users to collaborate all together.

Benefits of Multi-Using Facility

  • Increased flexibility – This feature enables flexibility in working areas. If an essential user can access QuickBooks together, it improves mobility in an environment of accounting terms.
  • Increased efficiency – Access to multi-user mode, increases productivity and efficiency of the firm. Working and looking at the accounting criteria is the goodwill of the enterprise.
  • Working together brings up collabs and all users having access to the day -to- day activities makes it productive and familiar for the firm’s betterment.

Why Different Licenses to Operate

In the license agreement, we make it clear to have separate license to operate software by every Individual. However, if you have both pc and laptop and you are the only individual operator, you don’t need an additional license.

When Do We Need a Separate License

For example, the owner of the firm needs QB solely for payrolls, running reports and some activities and accountant of the same company requires it for entry check. Surely they need two licenses.

Single user license or Multi-user

If you need two licenses, you must go for two single-user licenses. Even if you install QuickBooks in a single computer which you both use, then also for different jobs you need two licenses.

When you need more than 2 licenses, go for a multi-user license instead of separate single users. QuickBooks Pro offers 3 user license, QuickBooks premier allows 5 users and QuickBooks Enterprise offers 5-30 users in 5-user increment.


The above blog includes every pro of multi-using in QuickBooks. Why is multi-using essential when more than 2 want to operate. How and why to license, every detail is mentioned specifically. Things we should know before switching to multi-user mode and how multi-using helps out in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the firm. It is a boon to QuickBooks users. Multi-user starts from 3 to 50 in the premier.


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