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QuickBooks POS 2018

Using QuickBooks POS 2018 for Several Stores

QuickBooks POS 2018 has been the go-to accounting software for many years now. Business owners, CPAs, accountants, and accounting firms from different industries have chosen one or more versions of this software for a variety of reasons.

One of those is that they have grown fed up of their outdated ways and want all the accounting tasks to be completed fast and make their lives that much simpler. If you own a retail store or a chain of stores, then this software is a must-have for your business.

There are three variants in QuickBooks POS 2018. These are-

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store

These differ on the basis of their features as well as the costs. As the name suggests, Basic is the elementary version with only the most essential features, while the Pro version is the intermediate one with additional functions. POS Multi-Store, used by an enterprise with multiple branches and a head branch, has the maximum amount of features and price.

QuickBooks POS 2018 – the Multi-store Version

If you have a chain of stores situated at multiple locations, then you surely understand the numerous responsibilities that you have to handle as the owner. You have to track and monitor all of the branches, which you can do from the main branch.

This is something that the Multi-Store can help you with easily- it enables you to keep an eye on the sales of all of your stores from one place. You can get the complete solution to all of your retail store tasks like inventory, payments, etc. when you purchase the Multi-Store software.

What Can this Software Do?

QuickBooks POS 2018 is capable of letting you manage multiple aspects of retail store marketing such as keeping records of the sales and purchases made on behalf of your store. It stores a vast inventory of the items that you sell through your store and all of their details including their sales and the vendors you purchased them from.

Through this software, you can create receipts that clearly mention all of the purchase details and increase transparency between your customers and you, thereby improving your relationship with them.

Following are some of the main features and functions of this popular accounting software-

  • Collect and manage the inventory of all of the branches from your main branch.
  • Oversee the transferring of inventory from one branch of your organization to another and make changes if necessary.
  • Keep track of your losses and profits for individual branches by integrating Point of Sale with your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Link more branches, customers, users, etc. in your software and handle their records either on a single-store basis or together as a group.
  • Buy material or stock for all of your branches from the main branch and transferring the stock to sub-branches as per requirements.
  • Observe the sales records and inventory-related information for each and every store from the convenience of the main branch.

    Why Integrate QuickBooks POS 2018 with QuickBooks Desktop?

When you integrate POS with your QuickBooks Desktop, you can decrease a lot of work  

QuickBooks Point of Sale integrated with the QuickBooks Desktop reduces your work in a lot of ways. Once your data gets integrated, you do not have to waste extra time entering the same data multiple times.

Your data gets synced to the Desktop version systematically every time you add it to your Point of Sale system. This makes it a whole lot easier to handle the inventories as the data is the same and changing it in one place means it gets synced to everywhere else, including Desktop as well.

You can also personalize your view in the QuickBooks POS 2018 Multi-Store application. This makes navigation between the various modules of this software like sales, purchases or employees more simplified as you would have made adjustments as per your convenience.  

These are some of the reasons why this accounting software is an excellent choice to manage multiple stores from the head branch of your business. It has been specially built for this purpose and it also ensures the protection of all the data. If you would like to know more about the different version of POS, let our experts know at any time.

Quickbooks POS for Retail

Quickbooks POS for Retail-Integrated Business Software  

QuickBooks POS for Retail is the basic software of everyday activity in a firm and in a retail business, it is your best friend. POS will do everything for you, it will analyze, track inventory and customers, and help you figure out the areas you need to concern about. So if POS does so much for you, you need to choose the best one. Hence, choose QuickBooks.

By using QuickBooks POS for Retail make your work easier and comfortable. QB POS gives you integrated payment processing as in retail, it is a necessity. It doesn’t forget and you don’t need double efforts. Just enter once, and never again.

You can follow transactions of your retail business on your mobile phone. Access it and monitor it anywhere. Also, this accounting software never guesses your calculating knowledge, it syncs with every additional information.

Benefits of using QuickBooks POS for Retail

There are many options when it comes to QuickBooks point of sales retail software. But in the retail business, you need to choose the best option that does all at all times and gives you the best analytical approach to your accounting terms.

Anyhow, QuickBooks helps you to

Integrated payment processing

Talking about the QuickBooks POS for Retail, one should have integrated payment processing hence, this is the best reason to use this software. As this software authorize, process and record all credit or debit sales. You only need to enter information once and yet never again.

Follow transactions on your mobile

Your retail business can go anywhere and anytime as it runs by your phone. This feature enables you to access records, customer information and monitor transactions from any mobile device. Whatever you do gets updated with your basic system. This feature that provides mobility and flexibility is priceless using this software.

Accounting expertise not required

To manage your accounts via QuickBooks POS for Retail software, you don’t need some high accounting knowledge as the QuickBooks POS for Retail software does it all on its own. It even disallows negative inventory entries hence, your firm’s best friend becomes a bodyguard.


After concluding the details, we have discussed the topic QuickBooks POS for Retail software. We hope this blog helps you to choose the best POS software. Jumping on the conclusions of this blog we sum up that, POS is the utmost required tool for a retail business. If you have any question so, raise your hand and write the query into the comment section. If our blog is helpful, so please share it with your friends.

quickbooks point of sale

Quickbooks point of sale: Best Benefits and features

QuickBooks is the financial helping hand for your organization. QuickBooks gives you relief by lowering your burden in order to help you out in complex accounting situations. There are many best features on QuickBooks Point Of Sale.

Quickbooks Point of sale comprises of basic tasks and it can also be called the basic cash register of the firm. Hence, QB simplifies your daily basic tasks. It updates the inventory and also gives you speedy response even of the credit card payments.

In short, Quickbooks point of sale is a platform for fulfilling the need to follow sales, customers, and inventory effectively and rapidly.

Some important things make Quickbooks point of sale different

No doubt, there are many POS software but why should one go with Quickbooks point of sale software?

Here are some points that clear your doubts and make you clear in the head that this software is the most convenient and must be your choice.

Integration makes it easy

Integration via QB gets convenient as it provides you features like inventory tracking, payment processing and much more. It saves your time, reduces human error, combines analysis tools and is friendly to your accounts.

Security at its best

QuickBooks Point of Sale provides you with the best security amongst the POS software. Because increasing online transactions and increasing cyber risks make it difficult to manage accounts online.

Quickbooks point of sale accounting software gives you crucial security. It provides end to end encryption, access control, provides you Intrusion Protection System, data recovery and many more security terms.

Manage inventory

Using this software will record your every inventory and provide you with insights about what’s going on and which are the places you need to reorder and what are your actual best sales.

EVM payments

Accepting EMV payments is complex and way too challenging for small enterprises. Long lines and chargebacks are the drawbacks of EMV payments.

Hence, the latest version of this POS is specifically designed to accept EMV chip card payment.

Helps you in Multitasking

However, in this modern era of working QB breaks all pale stereotypes of working in a chain and help users to multitask as in, a user can swap easily among the management and service roles.

You can now both manage transactions and answer queries of the customer without being tensed about a half-completed transaction.

One who chooses this software has no longer to choose among tasks.

Wrap up

The conclusion is QuickBooks Point of Sales has all the solutions your firm needs. Hence, each feature of QuickBooks is different and has its own specific purpose.

Quickbooks POS provides efficiency and makes your tasks simpler and less time-consuming. Choosing the Quickbooks point of sale software will be the best decision for your organization.

In the end, after concluding the details about the topic “Best benefits of Quickbooks POS”. Thus, we hope this blog helps you to choose the right POS software. If you have any Query related to this so let me know into the comment section. If you like the blog so please share it with your friends. And thanks for touring our website.



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