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Quickbooks database server manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Set Up Process – Steps

A lot of users may already know that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBMS) allows multi-user access. It makes a network data file (.ND) on the host computer for a company file.

Every user at one point or another has to install the database server manager because not doing so means no multi-user access. It allows a user to successfully connect with the host computer and perform tasks in a multi-user mode. In this article, we will explain the entire installation, update and set up a process of QuickBooks database server manager. You may consult a professional if you find the process difficult in any way. It will save your time as well as effort.  

Installing the server manager will let you: –

  • Easily scan and examine the company file for the purpose of multi-user access.
  • Inspect the local storage device to detect a new company file automatically.

Some Helpful Guidelines

Before starting the installation process, we suggest that go through the following tips: –

  • QBDBMS helps to create Network Data files and stores the company files on the host computer. You should install each version of the Database Server Manager if want to use multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • If you are installing multiple versions of Database Server Manager it will give you only multiple versions of processes but it cannot provide multiple versions of the software.
  • For multiple QB Desktop versions, you may install the Server Manager in chronological order from oldest to freshest order of each version.
  • All windows files can only be opened if you have access to Windows and the Control Panel then it is recorded as QuickBooks DBXX, where the XX demonstrates the number of adaptations (ex.”27″ is for QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and “28” for QuickBooks 2019).
  • A user is added when the QB Database Server Manager is installed. (ex. QBDataServiceUser28 for 2018 and QBDataServiceUsers27 for 2017).


Simple Steps to Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • Open the QuickBooks installer and begin the installation process.
  • If your computer has a good net connection, then download the upload and just click OK. In case you have a poor net connection, then Click No followed by clicking on Next.
  • If any program is open, close all of them and click on Next.
  • Go through all the terms of the Software License agreements.  Tick mark if you agree to terms and conditions.
  • Then select the Custom or Network Options.
  • Choose a type of installation:
  • Select – ‘I’ll be utilizing QuickBooks on this computer and I’ll be putting away; if you are interested in running the program on this particular PC only.’
  • Tick mark on ‘I won’t utilize QuickBooks on this Computer if you are only interested in storing data on this particular computer’
  • Choose YES, permit get to.
  • Type your License Number and Product Number.
  • To complete installation you can follow all the on-screen guidelines.
  • If the installation is done, don’t wait further and start the Database Server Manager process.


How to update QuickBooks Database Server Manager

We will emphasize the simple fact that downloading QBDBSM is extremely essential. For the most part, it is critical when a vital update to a present year is discharged or a new QuickBooks Desktop version is introduced on the workstations.

  • Firstly, the user needs to download the fix from Update QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent discharge.

NOTE: – The fix for the workstation and the fix for the server are the same.

  • After the installation finishes, at that point, the user has to reboot his/her server. (This is firmly obligatory).
  • After the server has been updated on the workstation then the user will receive messages that will say- ‘Update the company file to make it work with this adaptation of QuickBooks Desktop.’
  • The user needs to make a backup because there are chances that the software will make changes after the update.
  • If the user successfully follows the updating procedure, he or she will be able to open the company file.


Setting up and using the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • At first, open the QuickBooks Database ‘Server Manager and then scan the folders or files that you need to configure for the multi-user access.
  • After that scan, the company files on the server to ensure that the files are configured correctly so that they can open easily on a multi-user set up.
  • Now in order to add new company files to the server, you can use the Monitored Drives option and have the Database Server Manager up to date.
  • Make sure that the company files are connected to the server and users are logged into the company files.
  • And in case, if you want to change the status of the service then use the Service Administrative Tool and configure the service.
  • Finally, you can now use ‘Updates’ feature and download the latest updates to the QuickBooks Server.


How to Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database server manager

  • Open QB and then locate the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • After it open, go through all the folders
  • It is important for a user to scan all the company files that they are configured in a correct manner and can be used easily by other users as well.
  • From your start menu’s ‘Programs’ option, locate the QuickBooks folders and make use of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.


NOTE: Scan the folders; you also select the entire disk if you do not know which folder contains the company files.

  • Begin the Scan and keep a check on the screen that which folder is getting scanned.
  • After it completes, you will be able to access all company files easily on the multi-user mode. Ask other users to check them too.
  • If they open for them, this means that the files are ready for multiple accesses.


Add Folder:

Quick books data base server manager

Just find the Add folders button and click on it. Choose the folder you want to add. Make sure that the folder is visible under the official QuickBooks company file folder.


Removing Folders:

Quickbooks database server manager

  • Open the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”. You will see folders listed in the “Scan Folders” section. You can remove any folders that you do not wish to keep from here by selecting the undesired folder and then clicking “Remove Folder”.


Scanning for Folders:

QB data base server manager

  • If you cannot see any folders, then click the “Scan” button. This launches a scan to find all the folders that have any QuickBooks company files in them.


Monitoring Drives:

qb database monitored

Here you can add the drives that you want to be monitored. The monitoring service makes sure that every user can access company files from the respective drives.

  • To check the status of the monitoring service, open the “Monitored Drives” section.

This function can also be used to keep the QuickBooks Database Server Manager updated. This will be needed only when new company files are added to the server.

  • From the Start menu of your Windows PC, select QuickBooks and open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Select “Monitored Drives”.
  • Select each drive that will receive new company files or where old company files are renamed, deleted or modified in any other form.

However, you cannot monitor or view the drive which is being mapped.


Functions of QuickBooks Database Server Manager:

  • Helps determine which user is currently logged in and into which company file.
  • Helps the user know about the company files in the server.
  • Help keep a continuous record of which service is running while the company files are being hosted by the server.
  • You can also manipulate the status of some of the services by using the Services Administrative Tool and configuring the QuickBooksDBXX service.
  • Helps manage updates in the “Update” section. Just click on the “Update” button and proceed using the steps mentioned.


Database server manager System

The system open is used to check all the information related to the system.

  • First, select Programs from the start button and go to the Database Manager.
  • Select the system.
  • Read all the system details and check whether everything is OK or not.

The motive of this article was to make you understand the set-up and installation process of QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If you have difficulty in understanding any point, simply get in touch with us. We will try and clear our doubts as quickly as possible. Our team of experts is available to guide users.

QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online- Which One Is Best

QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online- Which One Is Best

QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online both are the part of the QuickBooks software. But now the question arises that which one is better than other and why?

So let’s discuss it in detail.

What to pick and why?

Quickbooks just gives you such a number of options that you get confused about what is suitable for you. There are many common differences between QuickBooks desktop VS Online.

But the main key variety of Quickbooks online is that we don’t need to install it in a computer system but QuickBooks desktop needs installation whereas, product-based businesses use QuickBooks desktop and service-giving firms which require multiple systems can go for QuickBooks online.

QuickBooks Desktop allows you to interact with the customer every month.

In a quick context, QuickBooks Desktop has more units in comparison to QuickBooks Online.

But if you are using QuickBooks for the very first time, you need differences in much more details.

Benefits of using QB desktop over QB online

Quickbooks desktop offers some features that QuickBooks online doesn’t. Some of them are:

  • Data Entry

If we talk about Data Entry in QuickBooks online, it includes creating invoices, rate level billings, paying vendors online, entering transactions and entering time sheets.

  1. Accounting
  2. Under QuickBooks Desktop all features like,
  3. Period copy
  4. Fixing sales tax
  5. Restoring
  6. Back-up
  7. Client data
  8. Fixing non-applied payments and credits
  9. Come under the accounting sub-head.
  • Reporting

Business planning, Business Forecasting, Header and footer optimization, Specific Reporting are the points that are covered up under Reporting in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Inventory

Looking upon-

  1. Sale orders
  2. Inventory cost method
  3. Manufacturing features
  4. Partial amount against purchase orders

All this part of inventory feature in QuickBooks Desktop.

Benefits of using QB online over QB desktop

Though desktop gives you so many features in-app there are many things which only online can avail you. Some of them are:

  1. Bank rules can be set on register
  2. Setting up budgets per year
  3. All the financial Institutional transactions get automatically downloaded every night.
  4. If a transaction gets matched, dismissed or added you can undo it easily.
  5. You can attach documents, pdf, signatures easily by connecting it to your phone, computer.
  6. Automatically sent transactions.
  7. Unlimited time tracking features.

Hence, there are many bridging gaps between QB desktop and QB online. These step by step features must have made your mind to choose what’s best for your enterprise.

If not,

  1. just look at the key features of both and look what are the things you cannot live without in your firm. If desktop has those essentials go for it unless the vice-versa.
  2. Online features of Intuit are overrated and it keeps updating the online products and an online feature is better in many ways.

So go for the option you think is most suitable.


The basic and common comparison with lots of uncommon key-points is discussed in the QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online- Which One Is Best.

QuickBooks Desktop and Online, are two options and we give you the wholesome information to gather knowledge about both and go on with the option that you think is the best.

Valid points of both software’s online and desktop features are presented with up to mark points. You can choose what’s best and give it a try.

We hope you like our blog. If you have any question so please comment below the section and you can Contact us on toll-free 1800-469-4817.

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QuickBooks Chat-How to use QuickBooks Messenger

QuickBooks Chat- How To Use QuickBooks Messenger

QuickBooks introduced the latest feature, which is QuickBooks Messenger. This feature is basically used for the multi-user environment. Also, it makes communication easy between multi-users. You can start the conversation by enabling the chatting function of QuickBooks.

Now the question is where you get this option? You can easily find this option. When you open QuickBooks so you see a gray image with a small button on it. If you click on it. Then the option of QuickBooks chat is open.

icon of chat

So let’s start –

Enable The QuickBooks Chat Support

If you are using the QuickBooks and want to chat with other users. So you can simply log in with your account. And then double-click on the icon after clicking the icon QuickBooks Messenger is launched.

How To Use It And Communicate With other?

If in case you don’t find the notification, so you can do right click on the QuickBooks Messenger icon after that select the person with which you want to chat and start your chat.

If the administrator wants to chat with other users logging in. So, he can select the person and send the message to logged in to the user who is in the drop-down from the Action.

quickbooks messenger chat

How To Change The Available Status?

If you want to change your online status. So, QuickBooks Chat support must give you this option by which you can change your status availability.

To change your status, you have to click on the drop-down where your name is displayed and then select the suitable status which you want to show to the other users.

quickbooks messenger available status

Disable The QuickBooks Chat Support

If you don’t want to use it so you can disable it very easily. So, just follow these same steps-

  1. You have to sign in as Admin log in id if you are using multi-user mode.
  2. Then go to the file menu and select the Utilities.
  3. After these steps, you choose the Disable QuickBooks Instant Messenger.
  4. In the last step, Log out of the company file and then log back in to make the settings take effect.

 quickbooks messenger notification

These notifications are shown only on to the Admin. No other users can see it.


Here, we discussed the QuickBooks Chat And How To Use QuickBooks Messenger.

We included that how to enable the chat session and change the status. As well as, we concluded that how to disable the Quickbooks chat. We hope that this information is beneficial for you and you will like our blog.

If you have any query and any other issue, so feel free you can contact us and asked the question.


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