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QuickBooks Error 1712

Here’s How You Can Resolve QuickBooks Error 1712 Easily

QuickBooks is a huge help for businesses everywhere, thanks to its extensive features and updated versions. However, certain issues like QuickBooks error 1712 can creep up due to any reason at any given day, interfering with the accounting tasks and not letting the users complete them on time.

This particular problem generally occurs due to a damaged OS or system files in your Windows-based computer. It also happens when some of the elements being used by QuickBooks are corrupted and cannot be used properly anymore, forcing QB to show this message.

In this blog, you can read more about the causes of QuickBooks error 1712 and how to resolve this situation in an effortless manner. You can also take a look at similar blogs that have been written to help you solve problems like QuickBooks error 1328.

Why Does QuickBooks Error 1712 Occur?

The main cause of this is damaged files, though another reason could be any changes that have been made to software within the same computer. In case you are wondering why would installing, uninstalling or modifying some other application should affect QB, the answer is simple.

Windows must restart after making such major changes in order for them to be reflected in the system, or else other programs using those deleted files can misbehave and stop responding.

Apart from these reasons, it can also occur if you try to install your QB software in a coded or damaged folder. A preventive measure, in this case, would be to install the software in a different folder and location than the one that is suggested by default.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1712

There is more than one way that you may try to fix this issue on your computer. They have been mentioned below-

Solution 1- Use Selective Startup mode to install QuickBooks and eradicate the error

Step 1: Restart your desktop computer or laptop and open Run. If you don’t know how- press the Windows and R keys together or type Run in the search bar of the Start menu of your desktop.

Step 2: Type msconfig in the Run window and click OK to proceed.

Step 3: Open the General tab and look for the Selective Startup section below. Make sure that the Load System Services option is checked.

Step 4: Click the Services tab and tick the box for Hiding all Microsoft Services located at the bottom. Then, click the Disable All button under the Services section on the right.

Step 5: Unchecked the Hide all Microsoft Services box.

Step 6: Look for the checkbox for the Windows Installer option in the list of services and make sure that it has been checked.

Step 7: Once you do this, click OK and then Restart on the System Configuration Window. You can try to install your QB software again after it reboots.

Solution 2- Trying the QB tool to install your application cleanly

Step 1: Follow Steps 1 to 7 from Solution 1.

Step 2: After your computer has restarted completely, download this program on your computer- QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

Step 3: Open this program file and select the checkbox for “I Accept…” at the bottom, below the license agreement.

Step 4: Click on your version of the QuickBooks software that you want to install and then Continue. Select OK after you get a message saying that a clean install can now be performed.

Step 5: If you are still getting QuickBooks error 1712 then Uninstall QB via the Control Panel by following these steps-

  1. Go to Programs and Features in Control Panel and select the QB software that you have to uninstall.

  2. Click Uninstall and proceed by following the on-screen instructions.

  3. If you are not getting these options, log out from the current user and try again as an administrative user for Windows.

Step 6: Reboot your computer and install your QuickBooks software again by following step 4. This time, do it as an admin user of your Windows PC.

If the issue persists after following all of these steps, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. Our team has ProAdvisors who are well-prepared professionals and always available to assist you or fix all of your QB-related problems like QuickBooks error 1712 with great ease.

QuickBooks Error 15215

Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 15215 with Simple Solutions

QuickBooks has been in use for around two decades by countless business professionals throughout the world. That is why any problems arising in the accounting software, such as QuickBooks error 15215, are often faced by thousands of people at a time and solving it is of prime importance.

Also known as QuickBooks update error 15215, it is advisable to fix this particular issue as soon as possible, because a lot of the users depend on these updates to fill their tax forms correctly, especially around the new year when the tax-related updates are usually released.

In order to remove this issue and complete the installation successfully, we have provided you with some effective solutions here in this blog. We have posted other blogs as well for various QB-related problems such as QuickBooks Error 15222.

Why Exactly Does QuickBooks Error 15215 Occur?

There are three main reasons why something like this can happen to your software-

  1. The error 15215 indicates that something has gone wrong while installing the maintenance updates as the installer was unable to verify the digital signature of the update file. This issue can completely stop all your work as a QB user.
  2. A clash with a background-running program or process during the updates can also result in this fault showing up in your system. Not every background-running application causes this though- only the ones that take up more bandwidth of your internet connection, thereby disallowing other processes from using data including your QB updates.
  3. Another cause of disruption can be your system’s Firewall settings preventing your updates from being downloaded or installed properly. Each of these causes has its own solutions with easy steps given below.

Solutions for QuickBooks error 15215

These are the best ways to fix your problem and safely get those updates installed-

Solution 1- Restart Your Computer

Once you Reboot your computer, all the applications that were running in the background and using up most of the bandwidth will reset or close altogether until you start them again. With your internet connection free from traffic, you can try to download those updates again.

If they download successfully, then you know that lack of bandwidth availability was the cause. However, if you still get QuickBooks error 15215 after a while then you need to check more thoroughly which programs are currently running and blocking up your network. To do so, simply follow the below-mentioned steps-

Solution 2- Switch User to an Administrator Account

When you run certain programs as an administrator in Windows, these get more priority over the rest of the non-administrator-run processes and applications. Your QB software will, therefore, get more resources to use in order to complete the necessary tasks.

Step 1- Close your QB program completely if it is running.

Step 2- Right-click the QB icon that is present on your desktop and then click Run as Administrator.

Step 3- Click Yes to the message prompt that asks whether you would like your QB software to make changes.

Solution 3- Determine Which of the Security Certificates are Checked or Unchecked in IE

You can verify the above by going to the Internet Options section of your Internet Explorer. Follow these steps to check certificates-

Step 1- Terminate the QB application properly.

Step 2- Start Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options in the Tools section of the menu.

Step 3- Select the Advanced tab and scroll down to locate the Security section under the Settings sub-window.

Step 4- In this section, you will find all of the security certificates that also include TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.

Step 5- Make sure that TLS 1.0 is checked, whereas TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are both left unchecked. Once verified, select OK so that the window closes.

Step 6- Close IE and restart your computer, after which you can open your QB application and try downloading the update once more.

Solution 3- Reboot Your OS Selective Mode

There is a chance that QuickBooks error 15215 will persist even after you have tried the two solutions above. In that case, you shall have to determine which programs are coming in conflict with your QB application and preventing your updates from downloading.

Step 1- Close QB and open Run- just type Run in the Search section of your Start menu or press the Windows and R keys together to open it.

Step 2- Type “msconfig” and click OK in the Run window.

Step 3- Go to the Selective Startup section under the General tab and uncheck the option for Load Startup Items.

Step 4- Select OK and save these changes before restarting your computer.

If none of these solutions is working for you, let us know. We can fix QuickBooks error 15215 as ProAdvisors and prevent it from occurring again.

QuickBooks error 179

The Best Answers to Solve the QuickBooks Error 179 Problem

QuickBooks is brilliant in speeding up the various accounting processes that business owners have to fulfil for their respective organizations. Based on various situations, enterprise owners may get stuck with problems such as QuickBooks error 179. This does not depend on what they choose between the QB versions available for the desktop and online edition.

Even after all the features and functionalities that QuickBooks has to offer, you may not be able to take advantage of some or any of them unless you get rid of this problem. Being a technical issue, this can be caused by more than one reason and you shall have to determine which one is likely to be it in your case.

Besides QuickBooks error 179, you may be facing another error that is similar in origin to this one but is mentioned on the dialogue box as QuickBooks error 9999. You may get in touch with our ProAdvisors or take a look at our website for possible solutions to the same at any time.

Main Causes for QuickBooks Error 179

This particular issue comes up at the time of logging into a banking site via your QB application. It stops the user from downloading the required data from another site, leaving you stuck on your banking site in the meanwhile.

Given below are the chief reasons that result in the user ending up with this error, so take a look and find out which of these is the one responsible for keeping you from accomplishing your tasks-

  1. Irregularities and inaccuracies in reports, receipts or bills that show negative numbers

  2. Absent names are in certain lists

  3. When the Payments to Deposit window actually displays those payments that are deposited

  4. Lost or nonexistent transactions

  5. If you have run a checkup on your data to ensure that the company file in your QB application is free from errors

  6. One or more Fatal errors in your QuickBooks Desktop

  7. In case the Balance sheet reports are unable to display all the existing accounts

Methods for Fixing QuickBooks Error 179

Following is a discussion of the various solutions through which you can remove this error and resume your work without hassle-

Solution 1:

  1. If there are multiple users with the same sign-in info, sign out from all of those including your own browser. Even if you aren’t signed-in, someone else from your team must be, so ask them to sign out immediately.
  2. Once all the users(including yourself) have signed out, try signing in again.

Solution 2:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer and click the button that looks like three dots in a vertical line.
  2. Bring the cursor over the More Tools option and select “Clear browsing data”.
  3. You have the option of choosing the amount of data that you want to erase, from a few links and form information to the entire search history, cached content, passwords, and cookies from your browser.
  4. If you do not want to delete the entire history then select the time period from the Time Range drop-down menu and the items that you wish to remove.
  5. Click Clear Data once you are ready with your selection.

Solution 3:

  1. In your QB application, go to the Tools menu and then click Online Center.
  2. Select the bank/financial institution which you need to update by clicking on the drop-down list.
  3. Press and hold CTRL+F3. After this, click Contact Info situated at the top.
  4. You have to click Refresh and then select the bank/financial institution that you want to revise, especially if its current status reads as “needs updating”.
  5. Click OK, followed by Update/Send. Enter the password if asked and select Update Now.
  6. Follow steps 3-5 again to update any other accounts that you may require.
  7. If the problem persists, you can contact QuickBooks support team

Solution 4:

  1. Select Start on the taskbar of your Windows and type “command” in the search panel.
  2. Before you press Enter, Press and hold ctrl+shift. When prompted, go ahead and pick out the Yes option.
  3. Type “regedit” in the black window that appears and press Enter.
  4. The Registry Editor will open where you have to select Error 179.
  5. Go to the File menu in your QB application and choose Export.
  6. Select the folder where you would like to save the backup key.
  7. Type in a suitable name with the .reg extension for your backup file and Save it.
  8. Your backup file is ready- check for QuickBooks error 179 in this file by opening it.

There are plenty of users who have been able to fix error 179 with the help of the above-mentioned methods and steps. It is advised that you start with Solution 1 and then work your way down only if your problem persists.

If you still haven’t been able to solve this issue, you may consider contacting professionals like us. We can effectively determine the root cause and resolve this situation rapidly, no matter how long it has been bothering you for.


QuickBooks error 15222

The Fastest and Safest Ways to Solve QuickBooks Error 15222

Around the world, there are owners of small and medium businesses who use accounting software like QuickBooks every day to complete their financial tasks. There are quite a few people who end up struggling to use this application sometimes due to issues like QuickBooks error 15222.

Despite all of its functions and ease, an error like this can keep you from completing your work on time, thereby increasing difficulties. In this blog, we shall discuss this particular problem, i.e., error 15222, in detail- its causes and the best ways to get rid of this issue in your system, based on the cause.

But what exactly is this error 15222? It is nothing but a common error that occurs during updating something in the QB application. You will know it is this specific message as the code is displayed at the time of occurrence.

Why does the QuickBooks Error 15222 Arise?

The reasons for it to take place can range from a minor internet connection problem to something slightly more serious like program incompatibility. Here are some of the most frequent situations that cause it-

  • QB uses Internet Explorer to register digital signatures, so if it stops working then that can possibly lead to this problem.
  • In case you have certain anti spyware or anti-malware that consider your QuickBooks software to be a possible risk and prevent its processes to run.
  • If your antivirus also works alongside an anti-malware, then these two can collectively cause this error to erupt by interfering with the software’s processes.
  • If you haven’t set Internet Explorer as the default browser, it could be stopping you from working properly by throwing up this error.

Main Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 15222

At QB Pro Solution, our job is to handle all kinds of QuickBooks issues. So, apart from QuickBooks error 15222, you can also reach out to us for other problems like QuickBooks error h505, error 1904 etc.
We shall focus only on error 15222 here for now. Following are the best methods to get rid of it-

Solution 1: Solving this problem by setting up a digital signature certificate

  1. Terminate your QB application if you cannot see any tab that says “Digital Signature”.
  2. Try to look for a file named QBW32.exe. You may find it in the QB folder located in the C Drive under Program Files. Open its Properties by right-clicking once you find this file.
  3. Select the Digital Signature tab and check if “Intuit, Inc.” has been stated here. If not, then click Details and then View Certificate.
  4. Install the certificate by selecting that option and then click Next, followed by Finish, in the window that follows.
  5. Reboot your device and then open the QB application. If this didn’t work, then re-installing the update can help.

Solution 2: For QuickBooks error 15222 arising from anti malware, antivirus, anti spyware or anti-adware

The only thing to do in this case is to update these programs in order to allow the following exceptions:

  1. Domains-, along with
  2. Processes- exe, followed by qbupdate.exe

Solution 3: If you’re Internet Explorer is not the default browser or is otherwise creating issues

  1. Set it as the default browser and see if that changes anything.
  2. Confirm that your device’s date and time are precise. If not, then you can do so by these steps-
  • Double click the time on your desktop’s task bar or the system tray.
  • Make changes if needed by going to the Date and Time settings.
  • Select your time zone and ensure the server you are connected to, if any, has the updated time and date as well.

3. If you have Internet Explorer 11, then try to check the cipher strength of the website by opening the properties of the browser and checking the number beside the words “bit encryption”.

4. Ensure that your browser is updated- Click Internet Options under Tools and delete the temporary internet files.

5. Go to the LAN settings in Connections and check if the Proxy servers are blank. If you don’t use any Proxy servers, just empty the list.

6. Click the Advanced button that is located a bit lower down the window and mark SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 in case they haven’t been marked already. Also, unpick the TLS 1.2 option at the same place.

Read Also: Technical Aid to Solve Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop

These were the main methods to resolve QuickBooks error 15222 on your own. On the off-chance that they don’t work, just get in touch with our team for immediate and expert assistance. We are always ready and glad to help our esteemed customers.


QuickBooks Pro for Small Business

How to Make the Most of QuickBooks Pro for Small Business

Accounting software like QuickBooks Pro for Small Business had been designed while considering the accounting-based needs that small or medium-sized business have. Such applications have made it simpler to maintain accounting tasks and complete them very efficiently. More importantly, you don’t have to be a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to run software like this.

This has gotten so popular over the years, that QuickBooks now provides its own certification to accounting professionals who wish to understand the features of this software and would also like to use their expertise to assist the hundreds of thousands of users that this brand of software has gained.

Who are ProAdvisors?

In other words, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is an accounting specialist who has been certified and can handle the intricacies of the program. They know all of the features and functions of the particular software that they cleared the certification for. These experts can work with your small business and help you make the most of your own QuickBooks Pro for Small Business.

The special thing about being a ProAdvisor is that they have access to more resources than the average QB user. These privileges are given to them in order to set up new software or find out the problem and solve it more effectively. As ProAdvisors, we are capable of logging into your application and troubleshoot your QB issues through a separate service because we have been verified and authorized to do so.

A ProAdvisor can be the most helpful in the following fields-

  • Software and Consulting
  • Medical and Insurance
  • Architecture, Construction, and Real Estate
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Automotives and General Manufacturing
  • Retail and Financial services
  • Restaurants, Salons, and Beauty Parlors

Why You can Trust ProAdvisors

As an accounting expert who is also familiar with the software that you are using, a ProAdvisor is someone you can consult within various areas related to the two. They are especially helpful for users who do not have a degree in financial accounting and so need help more often than most.

We know that tax reports can be created more accurately and rapidly through QuickBooks Pro for Small Business. When business owners have a faster way of getting their taxes filed, it greatly reduces their worries, especially around deadlines. ProAdvisors like us can provide assistance for every version of this software including QuickBooks Online for small business.

However, not every user is an expert in this field and as a result, can get quite confused with the bookkeeping processes at times. If you don’t have much accounting knowledge or experience either, then these certified bookkeepers can enable you to understand these tasks and complete them in a better way. ProAdvisors like us can help small businesses like yours train your staff to use this software as well.

We can help you choose a suitable QB version for your business requirements that not only saves you a considerable amount of time but also monitor your company’s financials like income, expenses and so on.

How QuickBooks Pro for Small Business can Help You

Here are some of the most important functions covered in QuickBooks Pro that you should definitely be taking advantage of-

  • Recurring Invoices- Setting up repetitive invoices to occur every day is easy here. Now, you won’t have to do the same tasks every single day, which can really help you conserve time. You may also automate notifications per customer as well as compute late fees in case the customer has some money due.
  • Online Invoices- It is simpler to send invoices online as there is no need for any attachments. In fact, you can even track them on the go and have added functionality for immediate payment or printing. These features, especially the part where the user can choose to pay from the invoice itself, make QB very user-friendly. 
  • Managing Multiple Accounts- You and other users can complete a host of tasks through QuickBooks Pro for Small Business. These include the following- 
  • Conducting online transactions
  • Accessing payment history and invoices
  • Updating bank-related information
  • Keeping track of bills and related notifications
  • Answering clients’ queries regarding invoices and payments
  • Easy and Flexible Payment Modes- These facilitate faster and more timely payment from your customers because you can now accept payments through credit card, debit card, direct transfer through online banking and so on. 
  • Time-Saving and Error-Reducing Functions- Once you schedule and automate recurring payments, you increase productivity and efficiency for your organization. At the same time, you reduce the number of errors that could occur from you repeatedly entering the same data manually.

We are a whole team of excellent, experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We know this wonderful software and all of its functions very well and are happy to assist you whenever you need assistance.

Our experts are always available and up-to-date when it comes to having a thorough knowledge of all the old and new features and versions of QuickBooks Pro for Small Business. Whether you have just bought this software and are trying to install it or have been using it for many years, we understand the issues that you can face as well as the tips for solving them.

QuickBooks Online Bank Feed

Understanding the Basics of QuickBooks Online Bank Feed

Along with a whole list of benefits, QuickBooks Online also has the option to use online banking. This allows users to complete transactions and other services while staying connected to their banking and financial institution. It is called the QuickBooks Online bank feed feature and is a great help to people who would prefer to save time and gain more efficiency while processing various bank-related transactions such as debit card or credit card payments.

This is one of the main aspects of QuickBooks Online that gives it a major advantage over its Desktop counterpart. It has provided plenty of influence over the people to choose the Online version instead of QuickBooks Desktop. There have also been many modifications to it over the years which have further reduced the time constraints that come with due payments. This has helped professional bookkeepers to complete their cash-based bookkeeping at a much rapid rate than they could at the desktop edition of QB.

Know the Basics of QuickBooks Online Bank Feed

There are a few things to learn, as well as a couple of requirements before you get started with using the QuickBooks Online bank feed feature. Here’s what you need- a stable internet connection and a bank account at a bank that supports QB transactions to be conducted directly.

Adding your bank account- things to note

  • In case you do not know whether your bank offers such banking services, you can find out about it in the banking menu by opening the list of all the banks and financial institutions that participate in this service.
  • It is a pretty long list as currently, more than fourteen hundred banking and financial institutions offer this type of assistance for QuickBooks Online users.
  • You can also make a suggestion to your FI or financial institution to start offering such online banking transactional services if it doesn’t already.
  • Part of the tasks which your bank performs includes controlling the amount and the nature of the information that QuickBooks Online can receive from the user.

Experts advise communicating with the bank whose account you are about to connect to use QuickBooks Online bank feed. This way you can effectively coordinate any details that may be required in order to set up your account for online banking in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online plus, such as

    • Any charges that are applied to such transactions
    • The mode of connection supported by the bank
    • The data necessary to enable this particular function

It is very important to have all the necessary specifics given to you by your financial institution because you will not have any access to this feature without these. You can read more about these three requirements below.

Charges that may be applied

QuickBooks Online bank feed does not have any extra costs linked to it, but there may be other fees which can be associated with-

  • Certain bank services which you can ask your particular bank about
  • Any specialist support that you might need if you encounter a problem or get confused anywhere during the setup.

The method for connecting to bank feeds

There are two ways through which you can link your bank account to this feature, known as-

  • Web Connect- This type of connection involves getting data through a web browsing application once you download a file.

If you choose this option to complete online transactions, you cannot use another account to send money to your suppliers or a different account that you may have also saved here.

  • Direct Connect- In this option, your QuickBooks Online plus or QBO can communicate expressly with your financial institution and complete tasks.

What you will need from your bank, in this case, is a password or a PIN that you will enter every time you have to download a statement or complete another transaction.

With the Direct Connect method of setup, you can also use a variety of banking services like paying your supplier or distributor online. In addition, you may transfer money from one account to another in the same program, provided that your banking institution allows it. Keep in mind that not all banks offer both Web Connect and Direct Connect, so don’t forget to ask your bank about it before making your choice.

Information provided by your bank for completion

The following are the various credentials that are mandatory for you to fill before completing the QuickBooks Online bank feed setup-

  • ID and PIN or Password- The customer ID is unique for every bank account holder in order to properly identify the user who logs into their account. It may be numeric or alpha-numeric depending on the bank itself, such as your account number or name, and can be called in terms similar to Customer ids like Online ID or Login Name.

However, there are a few things to be noted here-

  • You cannot have more than one Customer ID for one bank in QB.
  • You can online set up one Customer ID for one company file as well.

For the Direct Connect method of connection, there can be an additional requirement of the following data-

  • Account number- This is quite an important detail that is related to your bank account and is assigned to you when it is created. You can find it printed on your checks and statements but if are having difficulty in locating it, then simply speak to your bank about it.    
  • Account type-  There are certain categories of the accounts that are created at financial institutions. You need to be aware of the one that your account falls in so that you can enter this important detail whenever it is asked.
  • Routing number- This is a nine-digit number that is responsible for ensuring that all the transactions are directed to the correct place in order for them to be processed. This number is also usually present on checks or you can ask the concerned bank representative for more information about it.

QuickBooks payroll problems

How to Know if You are Facing QuickBooks Payroll Problems

As a business owner using QuickBooks Payroll, you certainly wouldn’t want your employees to be discontented because of incorrect payroll. After all, a wrong paycheck can do a lot of damage to your workforce’s morale and consequently, it’s productivity. It may not necessarily be due to human error either; sometimes there may be QuickBooks payroll problems that cause errors in calculating the paychecks.

These issues can happen irrespective of whether you pay workers on an hourly basis or once a month as a salary. While it may take just a couple of minutes to fix the trouble, you may not even know what mistake is causing a particular problem. This is why it is important to find out the root cause first and then try to solve or undo the error.

It may seem difficult to single out the source of the problem, that is unless you have QuickBooks Payroll. In any case, you need to observe all the payroll tasks that are being done on a routine basis which will not only lead you to the cause but also ultimately improve yours as well as your employees’ satisfaction.

Common QuickBooks Payroll problems that Can Cause Mistakes

No matter what edition of this accounting payroll solution you may be using, it can still get errors. However, these are easy to track and get rid of because of the codes that are displayed in the dialogue box. These codes allow you to trace back to the source of the particular error.

The first thing you can do is check your application, in case you may be getting payroll problems because of any anomalies in the program. Here is a list of the most probable causes for QuickBooks Payroll problems-  

  • Your folder contains corrupt or damaged data files like the tax table files or the company file.
  • If your QuickBooks Payroll is unregistered, then that can certainly create issues.
  • Someone has entered the wrong billing details.
  • You opened the wrong file to enter certain information, which happens when trying to set employees up for deductions or paychecks.
  • QuickBooks may be showing one of these error codes-
    • PS077
    • PS032
    • PS107
    • 15240
    • PS058

It May Not be Due to QuickBooks Payroll problems

What if your program is running smoothly and doesn’t show any signs of any error? Could it be that you or another user has made a miscalculation or a mistake? Human errors are not uncommon and need to be carefully analyzed. That is up to you to find out but there are a few areas which you can go back first in order to and try to retrace your steps.

Given below are some of the areas where there is commonly scope for error-

Government Holidays and Other Interruptions

Employers must be aware of the upcoming state or federal holidays because the banks will all be closed on such dates. This can cause delays in the payroll and therefore, must always be known beforehand.

It is also necessary to inform in case the date of payroll distribution has been revised due to a holiday. This will prevent any disruptions from occurring for those who keep their schedules regarding due dates for pay periods printed.

Resignations or Terminations

States often have certain laws for paydays to ensure that employees get paid on time and without fuss. They often specify the dates for those workers who get paid twice a month, usually the first and the fifteenth of any given month. They urge employers to make those dates visible to all the employees by posting notices.

There are also instructions in these laws for special cases such as employee termination or resignation. It is important that every employer is aware of and clearly understands these laws to follow them correctly and keep employees satisfied.

Faults in Communication with Human Resources

Every once in a while, there are issues with the server or other technical glitches that are not necessarily due to human error. Server-related trouble can lead the payroll to be postponed or even called off unintentionally. Such issues can also cause QuickBooks Payroll problems, which is possible but are not that common.

Still, it is better to maintain a secure backup or hand the payroll responsibilities over to a third party altogether, depending on the scale of your business and the efficiency of your current payroll system.

Incorrect Time Stamps and Records

Many businesses have automatic readers that are accurate on their part. However, some kinds of errors are unavoidable, for example, if the employees themselves forget to get their time cards to read at the end of their shift or if their time cards are misread.

Exceptions such as these may prompt you to get your time records monitored and checked for errors, preferably by a payroll specialist or someone from the relevant department.

Overlapping Employee Leaves

Employees may go on leave because of family or health-regarding troubles at times. These leaves are covered by the Family Medical Leave Act but if they are being used in a discontinuous manner, they can be confusing to calculate at the time of payroll.

There are specialists dealing in human resources’ benefits who can effectively manage employees leave cases and efficiently coordinate them. If you have already delegated these tasks to them, you need to make sure that all changes are being properly communicated to the payroll professionals to make the necessary changes and avoid QuickBooks Payroll problems.  

Differences in Compensation

When employers reward their employees at the time of appraisal, there is usually an increase in their pay. This involves the information about the appraisal and wage increase to be communicated to the payroll department.

Any delay in this communication will, in turn, reflect in the calculation of said increase and adjustments into the paychecks. This is why it is advisable for appraisals to be effective from a date before they have been announced in some cases.

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

How to Recover Data Via QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

It is extremely important to have data recovery features and tools in every software application- as QuickBooks has in the form of QuickBooks auto data recovery. After all, one can lose data in many ways and a proper mechanism to retrieve it should exist in order to allow users to gain it back to save themselves a lot of stress and hard work.

Although you may be taking every precaution to protect your data, sometimes errors can occur, either on your part or by the software. This feature allows you to recover as much of the data as possible under the circumstances and has been in QB applications since its 2012 version.

It is relatively faster as a way to reclaim lost data through the QuickBooks auto data recovery function. However, it is only recommended in case the other methods don’t work, as a last-ditch effort. This is because there are other simpler methods that you have to apply first so that you may not have to use this feature at all.

Note that the QuickBooks auto data recovery tool only exists in these software products and versions of QuickBooks (the Microsoft Windows edition)-

  • QB Premier
  • QB Enterprise
  • QB Pro

Shortcomings of this feature

  • It is not available in the QB Accountant version.
  • There is a file size limit of 1.5 Gigabytes, which means only data within this range will have an ADR file generated for it. Otherwise, there will be no backup file for your data.
  • It works best when your software is completely up-to-date.

How Do I Use the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Feature?

To know how this tool can help you recover deleted QuickBooks files, you have to first know the two ways in which it works:

  • It restores lost data, which usually means transactions, with the help of the current log file for transactions and the company file.
  • It uses the copies of the two files to recover all the transactions stored up until the last few hours.

Method 1

Using Log Files from the Primary Transaction to Recover Lost Data

These are the steps to restore your transaction data with the help of the QuickBooks auto data recovery feature-

Step 1– Go to the Desktop and create a new folder there. Name it “QB Test”.

Step 2– Find the location of your company file by pressing the number 1 and Control keys at the same time or just the F2 key.

Step 3– Once you have found the company file’s folder, look for the .tlg file that has the same name as your company file does.

If you cannot find any such file, follow Steps A through E:-

  1. Press Windows+E.
  2. The file explorer opens, where you have to click “Organize” and then “Options”.
  3. Select the “View” button located on the menu-bar and tick the “File Name Extensions”.
  4. Tick the “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” option that is available.
  5. Apply the changes that you have made and then click the “OK” button.  

Once you have found the file that has been mentioned, proceed with these steps in the QuickBooks auto data recovery process-

Step 1– Copy the .tlg file and paste it in the new folder that you had named “QBTest”.

Step 2– Go back to the folder that contains the company file and click on the folder named QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.

Step 3– Copy that version of the company file that has the ADR extension, and paste it into the folder opened in Step 

Step 4– Go to and rename the.QBW.ADR file and to just.QBW.

Step 5– Click on the QB application to open it and open the company file that you had saved in the QB test folder on your desktop. You can check that all of the transactions exist with the help of the account register.

Step 6– Once that is done, click “File” and then “Utilities”.

Step 7– Click on the “Verify Data” option which will ensure complete data integrity of the file. If the check completes and the copy is safe, simply move the other company file which was damaged to a different, unrelated location and replace it with this newly created and checked copy.

Method 2

Using Both- Company File and Transaction File- to Restore Data

This is another method for recovering your data, which uses the.QBW.ADR as well as the.TLG.ADR files. You can follow this method through the steps given below-

NOTE- You can only recover all of the data before the last 12 hours but nothing during these last 12 hours with the second method for QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.

Step 1- Right-click on the desktop to create a new folder which you can name as “QB Test”.

Step 2– Go to your company file’s location folder and look for the “QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery” folder there. You can find this folder using the F2 or Ctrl+1 keys.

Step 3– In the same folder, find the TLG.adr and the QBW.adr files. This will be easy as they both have the same name, just different first extensions. If you cannot find these, follow step A to E in order to do so.

Step 4– Copy and paste these two files into the desktop folder named QB Test. Rename these two- QBW.adr file to QBW and the TLG.adr file to TLG. Open your QB application and then go to the File section on the menu-bar.

Step 5– Click “Utilities” and then “Verify Data” to ensure data integrity. Once proven, replace the older company file with this one.

QuickBooks POS 2018

Using QuickBooks POS 2018 for Several Stores

QuickBooks POS 2018 has been the go-to accounting software for many years now. Business owners, CPAs, accountants, and accounting firms from different industries have chosen one or more versions of this software for a variety of reasons.

One of those is that they have grown fed up of their outdated ways and want all the accounting tasks to be completed fast and make their lives that much simpler. If you own a retail store or a chain of stores, then this software is a must-have for your business.

There are three variants in QuickBooks POS 2018. These are-

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store

These differ on the basis of their features as well as the costs. As the name suggests, Basic is the elementary version with only the most essential features, while the Pro version is the intermediate one with additional functions. POS Multi-Store, used by an enterprise with multiple branches and a head branch, has the maximum amount of features and price.

QuickBooks POS 2018 – the Multi-store Version

If you have a chain of stores situated at multiple locations, then you surely understand the numerous responsibilities that you have to handle as the owner. You have to track and monitor all of the branches, which you can do from the main branch.

This is something that the Multi-Store can help you with easily- it enables you to keep an eye on the sales of all of your stores from one place. You can get the complete solution to all of your retail store tasks like inventory, payments, etc. when you purchase the Multi-Store software.

What Can this Software Do?

QuickBooks POS 2018 is capable of letting you manage multiple aspects of retail store marketing such as keeping records of the sales and purchases made on behalf of your store. It stores a vast inventory of the items that you sell through your store and all of their details including their sales and the vendors you purchased them from.

Through this software, you can create receipts that clearly mention all of the purchase details and increase transparency between your customers and you, thereby improving your relationship with them.

Following are some of the main features and functions of this popular accounting software-

  • Collect and manage the inventory of all of the branches from your main branch.
  • Oversee the transferring of inventory from one branch of your organization to another and make changes if necessary.
  • Keep track of your losses and profits for individual branches by integrating Point of Sale with your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Link more branches, customers, users, etc. in your software and handle their records either on a single-store basis or together as a group.
  • Buy material or stock for all of your branches from the main branch and transferring the stock to sub-branches as per requirements.
  • Observe the sales records and inventory-related information for each and every store from the convenience of the main branch.

    Why Integrate QuickBooks POS 2018 with QuickBooks Desktop?

When you integrate POS with your QuickBooks Desktop, you can decrease a lot of work  

QuickBooks Point of Sale integrated with the QuickBooks Desktop reduces your work in a lot of ways. Once your data gets integrated, you do not have to waste extra time entering the same data multiple times.

Your data gets synced to the Desktop version systematically every time you add it to your Point of Sale system. This makes it a whole lot easier to handle the inventories as the data is the same and changing it in one place means it gets synced to everywhere else, including Desktop as well.

You can also personalize your view in the QuickBooks POS 2018 Multi-Store application. This makes navigation between the various modules of this software like sales, purchases or employees more simplified as you would have made adjustments as per your convenience.  

These are some of the reasons why this accounting software is an excellent choice to manage multiple stores from the head branch of your business. It has been specially built for this purpose and it also ensures the protection of all the data. If you would like to know more about the different version of POS, let our experts know at any time.

quickbooks enterprise advanced inventory

Top 5 Facts About QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory

Some of the users often get confused while using QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory, a special module for the accounting software. Not everyone is completely aware of the capabilities of this facility or might not even know about this at all.

There are some things it can do and then some that it cannot do, which have been covered in this blog that effectively describes this module and its functions in detail. After reading this, you will be able to assess your requirements and make better decisions in the management of your inventory.

Details of QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory

Given below is some more information regarding the tasks, features, and functions that this software offers to its users-

1. It’s Functions

This component of QuickBooks Enterprise solutions is packed with features to help you manage your inventory in the most organized manner. Here’s a list of the tasks that you can complete through this software, based on QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 features-

  • Tracking items on the basis of the serial number or the Lot number- you can use one of the filters at a time. However, you cannot track the expiration dates of the lots or the batches.
  • Costing of the inventory on a ‘First In, First Out’ basis.
  • Tracking the location of items through the rack, bin or shelf number.
  • Tracking the location of the same item in different places of the warehouse and the warehouses of other branches.
  • Transferring the items from one warehouse to another.
  • Barcoding of items to keep a better track of them– it seems a bit restrictive to use though in terms of functions.

In case you are looking for additional, specific features and they are not mentioned there then they may not necessarily be present at all.

2. It’s Availability

This software only comes with the platinum subscription of QuickBooks Enterprise. It is not available in the Silver or Gold editions or any other versions of QB such as POS, Online, Premier or Pro.

In case you would like to have access to this software, buy a platinum subscription and go to the inventory menu in the application. If the button for Advanced Inventory looks faded and does not work, you will need to have it activated.

3. It’s not related to the buying aspect of QB

There are no extra functions to ease and enhance your purchasing capabilities when you get QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory. Although it does allow you to keep tabs on product information across multiple locations, there is little else that it can provide or increase functionality for outside of inventory management.

For example, if you require features that help you buy the same product from different vendors, collate your orders or buy items with separate release dates, then don’t expect to find these in this software. There is a module for ordering and receipt which is provided in Enterprise itself and are not related to Advanced Inventory.

4. Advanced Inventory only works in FIFO mode of inventory costing

It cannot help costing schemes other than First In, First Out. There are plenty of those like landed cost, management, average, standard and the like. If you want something other than FIFO, then you are going to have to look among the QB add-ons available for this purpose.

In short, the default and only option for inventory costing is the FIFO scheme.

5. It offers additional reports

This component of QuickBooks Enterprise adds to the types of reports that you can generate in this software. The ones that you can make by default are the core inventory reports. QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory allows you to get reports on the basis of the following –

  • Status of the inventory/stock
  • Supply currently present
  • Value assessment
  • Site listing

You can generate all of these reports the same way you do the core ones because the interface doesn’t change. This also permits you to use other functions like exporting the report to Excel, among the other usual available options.

It is advisable to mark up all of the features that you need and then match that list to see if QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory fulfil them all. Getting all the features in one go is highly unlikely, which is why you may want to forego the ones that are not much important to your firm and are not included in this module either.

At the same time, you can also explore other add-ons that are available for this accounting software. If you’re unsure of what to look for or need expert guidance to help you make a selection, you can rely on our ProAdvisors anytime!



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