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Fix QuickBooks Error 404

Various Ways to Fix ‘QuickBooks Error 404’

This error in QuickBooks occurs when something gets corrupted, infected related to QuickBooks software. This error is really vast and to know its cause is important to troubleshoot it. Before solving the error one should be aware of the corrupted areas in component, program or file.

 The code initiates that the data that can be misused by the manufacturer of the program or application. So what are the causes of QuickBooks Error 404?

  1. Installation remains incomplete
  2. If your system has virus or malware, it makes the windows corrupt and arises QuickBooks Error 404.
  3. Windows registry gets corrupted when you were installing or uninstalling the software.
  4. Accidentally deleted files related to QuickBooks.

Basic Cause – There can surely be more than above-mentioned reasons behind this Qb error Code 404, and basic reason to be discussed is- corrupted windows or data.

When Message Shows Up – The message shows up when you are installing QuickBooks software. Windows acts uncasual and whether it restarts or shuts down. Hence, whenever you encounter this error note down or search the cause as that is important for troubleshooting the problem.

The runtime error, error 404 in QB occurs due to many factors so we need to confirm that one particular reason to confront the problem as it comes. You need to fix every possible cause of an error. If you follow the below troubleshooting process in an order you will surely able to overcome the error.

QuickBooks Error Code 404

Troubleshooting Procedure to Fix QuickBooks Error 404

    1. Log in as an admin in your PC.
    2. Check the Internet connection of your device
      • Open internet explorer and open site which may ask for internet connection as in your bank site.
      • If you have an internet connection issue, contact your IT person as it is a connectivity issue, not a software drawback.
      • And make sure, internet explorer is your default browser, if not you can reconfigure it
    3. Change settings for QB internet connection.
      • Go to help and open Internet Connections setup.
      • You need to select the ‘use my computer internet connect setting’ and default to QB as it needs internet to access.
      • Click ‘next’ and click ‘done’.
      • After this, you just need to reset the settings of QuickBooks again.
    4. Repair the registered entry that is associated with an error.
    5. Undergo proper scanning to edit malware or infection in your system.
    6. Clean junk files and dump off the temporary junk files immediately.
    7. Performing these steps, if you felt that you made a mistake. You need to visit Windows System Restore and perform ‘undo’ to all the settings you did.
    8. Update your system drives yet again.
    9. Try to uninstall and then, therefore reinstall the programs related to QuickBooks.
    10. Run the Windows System file checker.
    11. Update the windows to the latest version.
    12. Run the clean installation of windows.

After performing these steps, you need to check the error status again. Most probably the error might resolve but if it doesn’t you need not to worry and you just have to contact our QuickBooks Helpdesk +1-800-469-4817.

QuickBooks is here in your service to solve all issues related to software.

Conclusion – We discussed QuickBooks error Code 404 and its main causes. With the corrupted causes we also mentioned every possible solution to the problem to help you out. Stepwise step procedures are written in the log so that you can overcome the QB error 404 as soon as possible.

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How to Use QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool could be a QB software for troubleshooting errors in the company when using a multi-user mode. This diagnostic tool can brush away the problems of network connectivity and multi-user errors that can when you access a company file.


  • The QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool only works with windows 7, windows vista or Windows XP.
  • For this, the QuickBooks 2008 and newer or QB enterprise solution 8.0 must be updated.
  • You just have to download and run the tool and it will automatically resolve all the error messages
  • The most demanded version of the software is 4.0. This software is free to download.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

It Can Help You Solve

  • It can help you if you are not able to connect QuickBooks to the database.
  • You are unaware of the firewall ports.
  • Connection issues
  • Database issues

How to Use the QB Connection Diagnostics Tool

Now after an introduction with the features and specialties of QB Connection Diagnostic Tools we need to know how it works.

Here is the step by step procedure to use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostics Tool.

Basic: download and run the app and then follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Diagnose Connection Tab – The diagnose tablet you check your computer. It ensures that the company database is accessible from a computer. Either it is a single-user or multi-user. So, the reason is if permissions are blocked errors can result.
  2.  Firewall Status – As you are unaware of the firewall ports and firewall status this area displays instruction about the firewall.
  3. Test connectivity – The most effective reason for your errors could be a connection issue. Basically, this is a connection test.

Workplace’s Network connection is the main problem behind these errors you face in QuickBooks desktop. Here are some steps to overcome connectivity – based issues.

QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool

  1. Click the button next to your company’s name to locate your company’s file.
  1. After running the test, there will be two criteria (a) Green ‘no problem detected’, (b) Red ‘problem detected’.
  1. Click the test connectivity button.
  1. After clicking the button it will pop up in the red indicated messages. Further, they’ll show you all the areas they worked on. Click on what do these mean.
  1. When you’re done with the recent status, run the tool again to double check any pending problem.
  1. Now, when the file’s status is done. Run the tool again to check if there are any other problems.

Once you are done with these, try these further steps if your problem doesn’t get solved.

  1. Try to fix the problem with Microsoft components manually.
  2. Try to install QB in selective startup.

QuickBooks Network Diagnostics Tool is really an up to mark troubleshooter for all the issues in QB data connectivity related problems.

Conclusion – Hence, we concluded that this tool is really helpful in troubleshooting and what are the steps for it. What are benefits of this troubleshooter and how to follow various steps to brush away the errors? QuickBooks Network Diagnostics Tool is a helping hand and a grass cutter for irritating error texts.

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Write Off Bad Debt in QuickBooks

How to Write Off Bad Debt in QuickBooks

Writing off bad debts is made easier by QuickBooks. At times in our accounting books, due to non-payment of invoices, they become bad debts. And writing them off our accounting statements is a way hectic job but not with this software.

Here are the steps to write off bad-debts in QuickBooks

But before you move further writing of the bad debts please make sure your Account Receivable Aging Detail report is correct. To check it, go to Reports> Customers and Receivables> A/R Aging details.

Steps to Writing Off Bad-Debts

If you have a bad debt account already, the procedure is quite quick. But if you don’t have a bad debt account set up you must follow this procedure

  • Click on the Gear icon and select chart of accounts.
  • Select new.

Bad Debts in QuickBooks

  • Now chose expense in account type and bad debt at the place of account name and bad debts at detail types.

Bad Debts in QuickBooks

Recording the Bad-Debts

  • Click on the customer’s menu and select receive payments from the drop down.
  • Select the customer who made bad debt from the list of customers.
  • Choose the line item that matches with bad debt.
  • Click on the discounts and credit, and at the place of discount write down the total payment, as nothing was received on behalf of the customer. Click done.
  • Select save and close to save the transaction.

Note- If Bad Debt was received in the form of cheque bounce, don’t forget to account for the bounced cheque.

Conclusion – This blog was all about writing off bad debts in QB software. In the accounting world, invoices turning into bad debts are a common phenomenon but making entries after considering them bad debts is way too complex. But this software makes it easy to mention every single detail of the bad debt and clearing all tax and other expenses over the customer whose money was either bounced by a cheque or he was considered bankrupt.

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QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online- Which One Is Best

QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online- Which One Is Best

QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online both are the part of the QuickBooks software. But now the question arises that which one is better than other and why?

So let’s discuss it in detail.

What to pick and why?

Quickbooks just gives you such a number of options that you get confused about what is suitable for you. There are many common differences between QuickBooks desktop VS Online.

But the main key variety of Quickbooks online is that we don’t need to install it in a computer system but QuickBooks desktop needs installation whereas, product-based businesses use QuickBooks desktop and service-giving firms which require multiple systems can go for QuickBooks online.

QuickBooks Desktop allows you to interact with the customer every month.

In a quick context, QuickBooks Desktop has more units in comparison to QuickBooks Online.

But if you are using QuickBooks for the very first time, you need differences in much more details.

Benefits of using QB desktop over QB online

Quickbooks desktop offers some features that QuickBooks online doesn’t. Some of them are:

  • Data Entry

If we talk about Data Entry in QuickBooks online, it includes creating invoices, rate level billings, paying vendors online, entering transactions and entering time sheets.

  1. Accounting
  2. Under QuickBooks Desktop all features like,
  3. Period copy
  4. Fixing sales tax
  5. Restoring
  6. Back-up
  7. Client data
  8. Fixing non-applied payments and credits
  9. Come under the accounting sub-head.
  • Reporting

Business planning, Business Forecasting, Header and footer optimization, Specific Reporting are the points that are covered up under Reporting in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Inventory

Looking upon-

  1. Sale orders
  2. Inventory cost method
  3. Manufacturing features
  4. Partial amount against purchase orders

All this part of inventory feature in QuickBooks Desktop.

Benefits of using QB online over QB desktop

Though desktop gives you so many features in-app there are many things which only online can avail you. Some of them are:

  1. Bank rules can be set on register
  2. Setting up budgets per year
  3. All the financial Institutional transactions get automatically downloaded every night.
  4. If a transaction gets matched, dismissed or added you can undo it easily.
  5. You can attach documents, pdf, signatures easily by connecting it to your phone, computer.
  6. Automatically sent transactions.
  7. Unlimited time tracking features.

Hence, there are many bridging gaps between QB desktop and QB online. These step by step features must have made your mind to choose what’s best for your enterprise.

If not,

  1. just look at the key features of both and look what are the things you cannot live without in your firm. If desktop has those essentials go for it unless the vice-versa.
  2. Online features of Intuit are overrated and it keeps updating the online products and an online feature is better in many ways.

So go for the option you think is most suitable.


The basic and common comparison with lots of uncommon key-points is discussed in the QuickBooks Desktop Vs Online- Which One Is Best.

QuickBooks Desktop and Online, are two options and we give you the wholesome information to gather knowledge about both and go on with the option that you think is the best.

Valid points of both software’s online and desktop features are presented with up to mark points. You can choose what’s best and give it a try.

We hope you like our blog. If you have any question so please comment below the section and you can Contact us on toll-free 1800-469-4817.

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How To Fix And Resolve QuickBooks Error 1935

How do I Cancel a Payroll in QuickBooks Online


Resolve QuickBooks Error 1935

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 1935

QuickBooks Error 1935 occurs when your system is installed and shut down while running a program. This means that your system needs the .NET framework. Many of these software errors occur when the Windows operating system becomes corrupted. Unwanted app installation can also be a reason.

 QuickBooks Error 1935

This issue is also known as the runtime error. Whenever it comes on your software screen, the error message will show either of the following messages: –

  • Error: This setup requires.NET Framework
  • Alert: An error occurred while downloading assembly
  • Alert: Cannot install QuickBooks or .NET Framework

During a circumstance like this, you can either search for a solution online or call on the technical support phone number. Nonetheless, in this blog too will provide you with some easy steps to get rid of this problem. We will also make you understand the reasons behind QuickBooks error code 1935.

Causes And Details To Resolve The QuickBooks Error 1935

However, while installing the software or running the QuickBooks software then many errors can flash over your computer screens. like Quickbooks Error 6123, QuickBooks 3371 and Error 1935 is one of them and you might wonder why it happened. Here are the reasons and details of this QuickBooks error.

But the main causes can be justified as follows

  • Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework is outdated in your computer.
  • Corrupted Microsoft .NET Framework software
  • The QuickBooks software you downloaded is corrupt
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks
  • Some other programme must have accidentally deleted QB files.
  • Virus or technical infection that is affecting windows and other software files.

These types of errors are caused by a number of factors so fixing them won’t be sufficient. Make sure you troubleshoot them.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1935

There is some way by which you can troubleshoot the error 1935. These are-

Updating The Framework

  • Visit the Microsoft .NET Framework website.
  • Read the instructions and update it to Latest Version 4.0.
  • Restart your computer.

Repairing The Framework

You can also repair the current version of the Microsoft .NET framework for solving QuickBooks error 1935.

  • Download the QuickBooks component repair tool.
  • Run it
  • Restart your computer.

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

You can install this tool for the error. Follow the following steps

  • Install the Diagnostics tool
  • Run the application.
  • Click fix the problem
  • Restart your pc.
  • Try to download QuickBooks again.

If none of this helps you out, we suggest you talk to our representatives and get your problem solved. We are 24*7 available. We can help you out in solving errors and tell you what’s the deal with QuickBooks problems.

Uninstall Antivirus

  • You need to uninstall or remove the antivirus you are using to remove the error.
  • If you have anti-virus or anti-spyware software, you need to temporarily disable it.
  • Now start the installation process again.
  • Once the installation process completes, you can restart or enable your anti-virus software.


We discussed the ways to fly away  How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 1935 and what can be the reasons it is caused. Different ways of troubleshooting the problem including updating and repairing the framework.

The whole procedure is written and hence, error 1935 is just another reason for us to serve you. You can know how to solve errors like duplicate transaction, QuickBooks error 3371 in our blogs anytime and you can dial our toll-free number.

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Cancel a Payroll in QuickBooks Online

How do I Cancel a Payroll in QuickBooks Online

Direct Deposit in terms of Payroll is one of the best options of QuickBooks. It saves time and both vendors plus employees can use this payroll feature. And how to cancel payroll in QuickBooks is one of the most common question user asked while using Intuit payroll service. In today’s blog, we are trying to sort out this problem for users. Follow the specific steps carefully to overcome the problem.

Things You Must Know Before the Cancellation a Payroll in QuickBooks

  • The cancellation process should be done before 5:00 p.m.
  • The cancellation date should be 2 banking dates before the paycheck date
  • If your direct deposit has been continued by ACH process, it cannot be redone by Intuit.

Steps to Resolve the Problem of Canceling Pay-roll via QB Desktop

  • Go to the QuickBooks software, then open employee section from the menu bar. Open my Pay-roll service option and then click on the account info tab.
  • Enter essential account login info
  • Account maintenance screen will be displayed.
  • A new window named service information will be opened.
  • Select the link that says cancel.

Cancel QuickBooks Payroll

  • Follow the steps displayed on the screen to finally cancel QuickBooks Payroll.

Steps to Cancel QuickBooks Payroll by Requesting it Online

  1. Open the QuickBooks Online Cancellation Form.
  2. Select a suitable reason to cancel the service.
  3. Enter the Company’s details and make sure they match previous details as well.
  4. Click on the continue button, and then enter the date of Final Payroll Check.
  5. Enter following details for ending up-
  • Contact name
  • Daytime phone
  • Email address, then click on the submit request button.

Steps to Cancel it via the Website

  • Visit Intuit account and enter your details
  • Below the product and services, click on the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription you’re canceling.

QuickBooks Payroll Subscription

  • Click the cancel service and choose a reason to quit.

Cancel Payroll QuickBooks Online

  • Select from the options, either cancel now or cancel on next billing date.

What About the Cancellation Refund:

When the payroll gets canceled, many users think about the cancellation refund. As per the policy by Intuit, if the payroll subscription gets canceled within 60 days of purchase, the amount refundable will be 100%. But if the customer wishes to an employee the subscription until expiry date only, no amount would be refunded.

Keeping Record of Refundable Amount

The user can keep an eye over his refundable amount via

  • Online banking activity. Most of the times, payroll refund is sent to the bank account it was bought from.
  • Another option is by going to the personal account of the user with Intuit account.

When Will You Get the Refund Back

Here are estimation periods of getting your refundable amount back with different payment methods:

  • Credit / Debit card payees will get the refund in their credit card statement within 7-10 business days after processes are made.
  • Via Electronic File Transfer, the refund will appear in 10 business days.
  • If you are expecting return via mail check, you’ll get it within two weeks.


The above blog shows the issues we face canceling a payroll. As responsible software, we mentioned the important things one should be aware of before processing further. The blog talks about ways to cancel QuickBooks payroll. You can cancel it online, with desktop software or by visiting the Intuit website. And, talking about the payroll cancellation refund, it says that refund can happen within 60 days and the whole criteria of refund are discussed gradually.

quickbooks merchant service

QuickBooks Merchant Services- Record Of Deposit

QuickBooks Merchant Services is provided by Intuit QuickBooks for the payment. It also helps to target the product payment of the business owners. But some problem has come, because QB payment is layered and it also diverse By which payment is not existing match to the record. 

Therefore, QuickBooks Merchant Services- Record Merchant Service Deposits helps to find the mode of successful transaction. You can use the QuickBooks Online software for making the transaction. For the professionals and the business owners QB payment is designed. The business owner can choose the payment mode according to their plan and need.

If you are used QB merchant services, so it is necessary to have the record of deposits merchant service. Now the question arises that How To Record Merchant Service Deposits.

So let’s start-

QuickBooks Merchant Services Deposits Tabs On The Desktop

When you are open the QuickBooks on the desktop then you will see some tabs on it and these tabs are-

  • Add Online PaymentWhen transaction and payment invoice is not matched to then QuickBooks invoice is shown here.
  1. First of all to record all payment you can select ADD Payment.
  2. If you want to create an invoice so you can be using the Need Invoice link.
  3. And if you choose it for creating the invoice then you need to apply this invoice on the payment by going on Customer > Receive Payments.
  4. Then apply the invoice on the payment.
  • Ready To Record- When all the transactions of a batch are the match and recorded. Then, this batch is shown in the Ready to record.
  1. As well as, now you can record the batch of the transactions as the deposit.
  2. In case, all the transactions of a batch do not record then you can record that batch.
  3. And you get a message which is Transaction Not Added.
  • Recorded- You can monitor and view all the transactions of a batch when they are successfully recorded.
  • Errors-You can track those transactions who manually recorded in the QuickBooks. In this tab, if more than one transaction in the batch of this tab then the transaction will not be recorded.
  • You should ensure that the amount of QuickBooks matches the amount of bank statement.

How To Manually Add The Record Of Transaction In QuickBooks Merchant Services?

If you want to add manually record of the transaction. So, you should follow these steps-

  • Firstly, go to Customers > Receive Payments and create an entry of the transaction.
  • Go to Banking > Make Deposits after getting the payment.
  • Then, select all the payments of the transaction in the batch and click on the Save & Close button.

Manually Record Missing Fees And Deposit

Missing Deposit

  • When the deposit is missing so you can follow these steps-
  • First of all, Go to the Banking drop-down of the QuickBooks. Then select the Make Deposit option.
  • Then, Highlight the right things for solving them.
  • To move the items to the bank account and complete the reconciliation, Click on the Make Deposits option.

Create The Bill

You can create the bill by following these 5 steps-

  • Select Vendor > Enter Bill.
  • On the Enter bill window, select the vendor assigned to the Intuit Merchant Service account (if not listed, then select Add new).
  • Then you can make sure the proper expense has listed in the Account field.
  • Now, enter the amount of pay in the amount payable field (that price should also be visible in the amount filed).
  • After that ensure the date of the fee is correct then click on the Save and close button after completing the bill creation. 

How To Fix the: “To deposit, you need a valid expense account” error?

When the invalid user (without permission) will enter in the QB desktop, the error (To deposit, you need a valid expense account) encounter. If you want to download all the online payments. So you can download them by the Record Merchant Service Deposits.

To solve this, QuickBooks Administrator needs to give the following permissions to the user’s role:

  • Chart of Accounts
    View Account Balance
  • Checks

How To Configure The Account Settings Of Deposit And Fee?

If in case, you want to download the deposit and Fee of the Merchant Of Services then you need an account for downloading them. Also, you will need to choose an expense account to spend fees and withdraw them. Usually, it has been created to reflect the actual bank account details is deposit in your bank and the same bank account created in the QuickBooks, when the fee will withdraw.

While you are using the new version of the QuickBooks then deposit option will see after going in the Record Merchant Service Deposits option. After going on this option you can change your deposit settings on the bottom left.


In this blog, we discussed the QuickBooks Merchant Services- Record Of Deposit.

We included the details of QuickBooks Merchant Services, we also told about where tabs have shown on the desktop.

As well as, we include the details that how to record the manually added transaction in QuickBooks. Rather than all of this we also told about How To Fix the “To deposit, you need a valid expense account” error.

We glad if you like our blog and we wish which information we provide to you is sufficient for you. If you have further more query and issue so you can Contact Us or comment in below session.

Setup Multi-User Mode in QuickBooks Pro

How to Setup Multiple User Mode in QuickBooks Pro

Many users have a keen interest in knowing how many users can use QuickBooks Pro and the answer to this is that QB pro is a multi-user software. So what do we mean when it comes to the phrase QuickBooks Pro Multi-User.

Let’s discuss in detail,

You have a small enterprise with 3 people those have the utmost interest in the balance sheet of the company. All 3 of them can access the QuickBooks Pro. But all three need a separate license. Same as if your firm comprises of two such users, one can opt the first license and second can go on with second license to operate QB Pro Multiple User at the same time.

Maximum No. of Simultaneous Users Who Could Operate QB at the Same time

The maximum number of simultaneous users (the one who can operate at the same time) in QuickBooks pro is 3 users and in Premier addition it is 5 users. The multi-user mode in QuickBooks Pro and Premiere enables company users to collaborate all together.

Benefits of Multi-Using Facility

  • Increased flexibility – This feature enables flexibility in working areas. If an essential user can access QuickBooks together, it improves mobility in an environment of accounting terms.
  • Increased efficiency – Access to multi-user mode, increases productivity and efficiency of the firm. Working and looking at the accounting criteria is the goodwill of the enterprise.
  • Working together brings up collabs and all users having access to the day -to- day activities makes it productive and familiar for the firm’s betterment.

Why Different Licenses to Operate

In the license agreement, we make it clear to have separate license to operate software by every Individual. However, if you have both pc and laptop and you are the only individual operator, you don’t need an additional license.

When Do We Need a Separate License

For example, the owner of the firm needs QB solely for payrolls, running reports and some activities and accountant of the same company requires it for entry check. Surely they need two licenses.

Single user license or Multi-user

If you need two licenses, you must go for two single-user licenses. Even if you install QuickBooks in a single computer which you both use, then also for different jobs you need two licenses.

When you need more than 2 licenses, go for a multi-user license instead of separate single users. QuickBooks Pro offers 3 user license, QuickBooks premier allows 5 users and QuickBooks Enterprise offers 5-30 users in 5-user increment.


The above blog includes every pro of multi-using in QuickBooks. Why is multi-using essential when more than 2 want to operate. How and why to license, every detail is mentioned specifically. Things we should know before switching to multi-user mode and how multi-using helps out in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the firm. It is a boon to QuickBooks users. Multi-user starts from 3 to 50 in the premier.

QuickBooks Online Bill Pay service

Benefits of QuickBooks Online Bill Pay service

Managing bills in QuickBooks online bill pay has been your vital step, next is paying them before they become due. QuickBooks will mark the bill paid and will not be mentioned as outstanding in your books.

Ways for Pay a Bill: By QuickBooks online bill pay

  • You can either issue cheque directly through QuickBooks online bill pay.
  • You can pay your bills online.  

Pay bills via cheques using QuickBooks online bill pay.

To pay bills online via cheque, we have four steps as follows


At the home page, click on the plus sign you see at the very top.

In the vendors’ column, you’ll see the option pay bills.

Selecting bills for payment

A new window will be displayed; you now need to fill the details in 15 fields that includes

  • Payment account
  • Select the bank account you have to make payments from.

Payment date

Your cheque date is considered as your payment date

Bill Notifications

This software provides a summary of outstanding bills.

Bill Selection

Select the bill you want to pay and then it will be marked as the checkmark in this column.


Typically, this should include your vendor’s name. But in case your vendor’s business differs from your payee, you need to update information ( QuickBooks online bill pay provides all the steps in setting up the vendor’s tutorial).

So if the vendor’s business differs from payee you need to update following to pay bills.

  • Reference number
  • Due date
  • Open balance
  • Credit applied
  • Payment
  • Total amount
  • Total payment
  • Starting cheque number

After complete this steps, print and save. A further few steps are also required as in:

Registering the cheque

To complete the payment, navigate to the cheque register. From the left-hand menu bar, choose transactions and banking.

Then click on the Go to register button.


From the left navigation bar, choose Vendors. The bills will display. If the bills correctly apply, the status will show paid.

Paying bills online

To pay bills online not including the cheque payments you have to follow 6 basic steps.


At your QB online dashboard, you will see a section of pay bills. Click anywhere on the section to access online payment.

Selecting the bills

Put a checkmark on every bill you want to pay from that list.

Enter the amount

As you manage your accounts with this software, it will automatically show you the open balance. However, if you want to pay some other amount, it has a column to enter the new amount.

Process date

Here, enter the date you want funds must be withdrawn from your bank account.

Payment method

Now, it gives you a choice to select from electronic payments or cheques.

Review and submit

Make sure you review the bill and amount you want to pay and then you can proceed further.


Pay bills, get approval workflows, and more with a robust bill pay solution that syncs your information directly with QuickBooks is $1.49 per cheque with only one user that costs $39/user/month.


We concluded in the above blog, how we can pay bills in QuickBooks and how this makes our accounting easier by updating different accounts. Through QB, you can pay either by cheque or online.

Different steps are elaborate in detail to help you out. The details of both cheque payment and online payments have discussed to help you out in paying bills with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks POS Error 176109- Invalid Product Code or Product Number

QuickBooks POS Error 176109- Invalid Product Code or Number

In addition, there are some key features that make it different from other software. Unfortunately, sometimes errors occur and QuickBooks POS Error 176109 is one of them. This can happen when a product code or product number is invalid.

QuickBooks POS is one of the best accounting and management software. It helps the small business owner to track the sale and profit of other retail businesses.

While the user tries to open a Register Point of Sale system, then a message shown on the screen with QuickBooks POS error 176109 that is-
“Invalid product code or invalid product number”. You not only have this error. Sometimes QuickBooks Error 3371 is also shown.

What Is Invalid Product Code Or Invalid Product Number?

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software.  A wider range of user used this software. When entitlement folder of POS contains corrupted or damaged files at that time users saw Error 176109 on the system with the invalid product code.

Reasons Of Occurring QuickBooks POS Error 176109

It may be encounter because-

  • You are not logged as the administrator on the window.
  • POS entitlement folder contains damaged files.
  • When an incorrect product code is used to install the software.

How To Resolve QuickBooks POS Error 176109?

Basically, there are three methods of resolve the error 176109-

Method 1- Reset The POS Entitlement Folder

  • First of all open, the My Computer then navigate-

C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8

  • Then select all the files in this folder with Ctrl+A and press Delete.
  • Press the Yes button to confirm the action.
  • Then re-launch the QuickBooks POS for Desktop and register again on the software.

Method 2- Rename The WSActivity File

  • Open the My Computer then navigate- C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini
  • Then right-click on the WSActivity and select the Rename.
  • After that enter the OLDWSActivity and click on the Save button.
  • Then close the Window and Delete the Entitlement again.
  • After deleting entitlement re-launch the QuickBooks Point Of Sale for Desktop.

Method 3- Perform A Clean Re-install For Point Of Sale

If the issues of the software do not reduce by the above methods. So, you can explicitly uninstall and restore the software again. 


Here we discuss How To Fix QuickBooks POS Error 176109- Invalid Product Code or Number.

In this blog, we discussed QB Error 176109, its reasons. As well as, we include the methods of resolving this error.

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QuickBooks Invoice

How Can We Create And Send QuickBooks Invoice Data Online

Creating a QuickBooks invoice can be faster and convenient for you to maintain invoices and receive money earlier. Invoices refer to sales made on credit.

Creating invoice on QuickBooks Online ensures that invoice has reached faster and you have received money or not. Accounts manage by QB hence, accounts are updated in actual time and all the accounting statements are made efficiently.

Create a QuickBooks Invoice

Creating QuickBooks invoice from the home page, below the customer’s column choose invoice. Create invoice includes various details, such as customer name.  You need to select the customer’s name from the drop-down her personal details of the customer should enter such as email address, billing address.

Also, the specific details such as invoice date, terms (number of days you have given to your customer to pay you). The rest product and description should write correctly. If applicable, also mention the quantity and rate.

  • QuickBooks will automatically calculate the amount.
  •  Click on the print preview after done the details.
  • Preview Invoice
  • Print it to see what invoice looks like.
  • Send Invoice to the Customer.
  • Once you think that invoice is perfect to be sent, print it out and mail it to your customer or send it via email.

If you send email directly through QuickBooks, in addition to email you have to add a body for the email, and subject that is the QuickBooks invoice assign number along with your company name.


So the blog’s conclusion sums up as the ways to send invoice using QuickBooks online. How QuickBooks is beneficial for Business payments and what are the key steps to send it. We have discussed details an invoice requires, by terms, body, and subject in an invoice.

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